Why I left SBC


I wanted to let you know that after much Praying and talking thing over with Barry I have officially left SBC, this decision has not come to me lightly. You all know I loved a product that I shared often for the past 4 years
Things change…

I have NEVER been about money all I ever wanted was to help people lose weight and get healthy. I am not a pushy sales person and I never will be, I am not an MLM Marketer and never will be like that, I have always focused on helping people and promoting the best weight loss products that I could find.

I know you are confused…” how could she switch?? How could something she was so excited about for so long now NOT be any good?”

That was one thing that kept me from sharing… But my duty is, to be HONEST with you all. And my duty is the find highest quality at best price ♥ And to be honest. 

Honesty and truth far outweigh any amount of money!!

After watching for a good month and last week a very close friend of mine messaged me and said she lost 10 lbs in a month using Sizzle Slim, I decided it’s time I try this out for myself. It is very similar to that product I was so proud of…
The difference is beyond amazing from what I have seen and heard and I have talked to many many people the last while.

I am nothing if not honest with you all and was very hard to admit that the thing that I loved and believed in stopped working for me, my husband and many others. Many that have ordered are returning it because they are not working for them. Something has changed. So I have to STOP promoting it how could I continue to even share a product that was not working for me or my family anymore. I even started to take more but sadly it is not working, and I gave it a good month. So As of June 1 st I closed my account with SBC. I can’t be part of that company anymore. I have to do what is right for not only myself but as well as what I feel is the best for all my customers. Many of you have already purchased Sizzle Slim and I am so excited for you all, you are going to LOVE IT 😀 
I Will always support you and I am getting back on track with my blog, I lost everything on my blog at the beginning of May and when that happened I was not even upset about it so I KNEW it was time for me to make a change  ♥ Plus you all know that I will NEVER push anyone to purchase products from me. I do my blog  because I want to and I know this is helping you as well  ♥
Anyway … I wanted to come clean and let you all know that if I am not believing in something I will not ask you to believe in it as well! I am and always will be about helping you get healthy with the BEST products, highest quality and best price ♥ I love you so very much ♥ Hugs and Love ~Lisa~ My New website is www.sizzlewithlisa.com

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