Why am I so passionate about our Products? About Me and why I do what I do

I am very passionate about our Products, they have totally changed my life.  Hi, Welcome to my blog 🙂 My name is Lisa K Walker and this is about my own personal journey. The picture on the left, I don’t even recognise that woman anymore, she was so sad, lacked self-confidence, suffered from pain all the time from Fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine, headaches, she had overall chronic pain that kept her from enjoying life. She never got dressed and lived in PJ’s all the time because she didn’t want to buy new clothes because she knew they would be bigger and she didn’t want to face reality. She was depressed all the time, hated her body, suffered from IBS, used a walker to get around, refused to go out and do anything because she was ashamed and was ready to give up. Does this all sound familiar? Well, believe it or not this was ME and how I felt. Just like you, I have seen before and After testimonies come across social media, just like you I thought it was another money gimmick, a fake product that wouldn’t work, just like you I thought it was expensive. But I kept seeing them and wondering. One day I decided to message the lady and asked her a TON of question. She answered them all and gave me all the info I needed, I looked into it more and finally decided, why not, they offer a guarantee so its worth a try, right? So I did, and let me tell you BOY am I ever glad I did. I knew it was not a ” miracle ” product and that it would take time to work. Well within a month I noticed a difference, my IBS was cleared up, my pain was not as bad, I had not had a migraine headache since I started Skinny Fiber, I lost some inches and a few pounds, it was not until bout half way through my 2nd bottle that I really started to notice a difference, by the end of my 90 day challenge I noticed a HUGE difference, I felt better, no more migraine headaches, I was not using my walker as much because I was not in constant pain, my pain was manageable, my IBS was under control, I was happy. I continued on a 2 nd 90-day challenge and by the end of it, I had come off of 17 prescription medications and had lost more weight and inches. SO I kept on it. Not only have I lost weight, I have gained my life back, I am back to myself I won’t say I am who I was before, I am BETTER than who I was before I gained my weight. I have my self-confidence back, my pain is totally under control, I have lost weight and I feel amazing. Since then I have switched to Skinny Body Max which I love and I also incorporated Hiburn8 at night time as well, and I love it, I have never slept so good ever. I don’t have to take those horrid sleeping pills that made me feel like I was drunk the next day 🙂. Now, what if I didn’t take that step? Where would I be today? I know for a fact I wouldn’t be who I am today if I never took that step and placed that first order. When I say that Skinny Body Care has given me my life back, I mean it. It really has. I share all these amazing testimonies with you because I care, because I have been there before, and I want to help you. I want you to feel good about yourself again, to help you get your life back, you get you healthy again and not suffer in silence like I did. So when you are ready, I am here, I will always be here because I believe in this company and our products, why? Well if you read all this, you will know why I am so passionate about it  Feel free to share this, it just may help someone else   You can start your journey here on my website at http://spiritoftheearth.SkinnyBodyCare.com

If I can do this so can you. I know that our products work and have changed my life, and with determination and dedication and some healthier choices, you too can reach your goals. Remember I am here to help you and if you ever need me I am just an email, message or phone call away

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