Whats your Choice?

God has ways to increase you beyond what is predictable. Stop telling yourself, “This is all there will ever be;” and start declaring, “This is not where I am staying. I am blessed.” Joel Osteen 

I find it so sad that people can be so negative about life, and can cause so much pain for themselves and others. STOP. You need to start filling yourself with positive thoughts. Being negative is POISON and will only steal your joy. If you are one of these people, stop and look at your life, is everything always a BIG deal? Do you get upset at every little thing that happens? Are you mad all the time? 
If so take a step back and see what this is doing to you and the ones around you. You need to STOP all the negativity and replace it with POSITIVITY. The more negative you live you life the more you are missing out on and the Blessing you have been given. You mind and thoughts are very powerful, so STOP being the negative nancy and start to ENJOY the life you have been given, once you bring in those positive thoughts you will see a BIG change.

Stop with the I am not good enough, no one cares talk, STOP, your thoughts and words can become poison, you NEED to start to believe in yourself, BELIEVE you are worth of so many great things in life.  Start with telling yourself you are worthy, you CAN do it, and there are people who are deeply about you. I talk to so many people all the time, and when they are so negative I turn it around and talk positive.  If you are around people who are constantly putting you down then you need to change that. You need to evaluate your worth and not listen to what they are saying. IT ALL START WITH YOU. You are the one who can change this attitude no one else can, only YOU. And you know that deep down these lies you are telling yourself are not true at all. 

I always go back to when my twins were born and when I was told they would never walk, or talk, NOW if I would have listened they would not be where they are today, YES it was a lot of work on my part, but it was SO WORTH IT. Today they are 19, walking talking, and a lot of fun, if I would have believed this to be true they would not be doing these things today.  Life is a choice and how you want to live it, sure I could have chosen to be totally negative on this, thinking negative, and just going with the flow and listen to what i was being told by the doctors, (I am stubborn, if someone tells me I CAN’T do it, I will do everything to prove them wrong) BUT I chose to think differently.  I will never forget the day my Grandma Foster told me, “you know with everything you have gone thru with those boys I have never heard you once complain about it..”. That statement she made, made me stop and think, and I said to her, “Grandma, thats because I believe these boys are a Blessing, I don’t think of it as a negative thing, I believe that I was BLESSED with these boys as God KNEW I could handle it”. For those of you that don’t know, I have 3 special needs kids.  I chose to look at this as a Blessing not a WHY ME pity party.  I will admit YES life can be hard BUT its all on the choices you make and how you are going to live it, and as far as I am concerned there is only 2. 1. you can CHOSE to let all the hurdles you go thew make you negative and bitter or 2. you can CHOSE to look at the Positive in everything you go threw, and YES there is, you can look at it as a Blessing or a curse. The choice is yours. Life is about lessons and learning.  So what are you going to chose? 

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Watch Your Thoughts for they become Words….Watch Your Actions For They Become Habits….Watch Your Habits for they become Your Character…And Watch Your Character for It Becomes Your Destiny ….What We Think We Become”

Watch Your Thoughts for they become Words….Watch Your Actions For They Become Habits….Watch Your Habits for they become Your Character…And Watch Your Character for It Becomes Your Destiny ….What We Think We Become”

“Our words can bless our future or they can curse it. Send your words out in the direction you want your life to go!” Joel Osteen Think about it….the child that is told they can’t do this or they are … Continue reading