Lisa’s Yummy Sangria

So I posted this yesterday and everyone wanted the recipe so here it is  it’s very yummy.  I just used what I had on hand to whip it up. I have never made one before and thought hmm lets give it a try, well I am glad I did 

🍷🍹Lisa’s Yummy Sangria🍷🍹

What you need is 
One bottle of white wine
1/4 cup raspberry liquor ( I used Chambord)
1/4 cup vodka ( I used Smirnoff Sorbet light raspberry pomegranate)
1 orange sliced
handful of frozen peaches
handful of frozen blueberries

In a pitcher add your fruits, then wine then liquor and vodka mix well with wooden spoon. I found that it tasted better after it sat for awhile, its was pretty good the day I made it but was WAY better after it sat for a day  Pour desired amount into a glass with ice and top it off with Sprite