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Hemp Worx CBD Oil has many uses for both humans
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How Hemp Worx CBD Oil Works in the Human Body
What is CBD? Benefits of Hemp Worx Products:

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CBD Hemp Drops, Relief Icy Pain Rub, Hemp Worx Renew Cream and
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HempWorx CBD Oil Testimonies
I wanted to share a post of my friend Knicole, who just tried CBD oil for her child.
“I feel like I could cry right now! Years and years of counselling, meetings, and doctor
appointments with my 10 year old for his ADHD trying to figure out what’s going on in his
little brain. Trying this and that company. This supplement and that.
My son rarely ever gets anything but zeros, ones and twos. It’s been such a struggle but
crossing fingers I have found the answer! His second day taking this and 2 days in a row
now of all 3s and good comments from school.
Crossing fingers this is the answer to my prayers! Nothing else has worked.
If you have any kids struggling with ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc you have to try this.
Praying this is a new beginning for my precious boy.


Love seeing messages like this about HempWorx products!

“I am in tears right now. I gave Brooklyn her first serving of CBD Oil for her ADHD and I
am amazed.
For years now, she has been very hyperactive, she never sits still, can’t concentrate, and
huge mood swings, however, I did not want her on prescription drugs, so we have just been taking it as it goes.
After her first serving, she is calm, she is able to concentrate on things and her mood
swings are non-existent.
I am a true believer! Please SHARE with someone who could benefit from this.”



CBD Oil Testimonies from Pet Owners:
Pet testimony from a German

Shepherd owner using Hemp Worx CBD Oil for

CBD Oil really works on pets! Cat owners are seeing benefits too! This
testimony is from a cat owner whose cat has kidney disease



CBD Oil product review from a cat owner whose cat found CBD oil helped
his anxiety


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HempWorx CBD Oil WORKS

I can not say enough good about this product and what CBD oil has done for me so far. For those of you who don’t know me I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, herniated disks in my back and in May last year I had major neck surgery, so I now have rods, pins, and plates in my neck from C3 to C7. I had been researching CBD oil for about a year and did a lot of reading, it was all about finding a good company that has a good product and not a knock-off, well I FOUND it and since I have started taking Hempworx CBD oil only since last Friday, I have had minimal pain, yesterday morning I woke up a 4 am bc of pain due to it raining, I took 1/4 of a dropper and within 15 min my pain was completely gone, yep GONE. Don’t suffer anymore, this stuff really works it’s amazing I am so thankful for this product  You can check it out on my website at www.hempworx.com/lisak73

I no longer need my break through pain meds thanks to CBD oil

So I have these, these are only as needed and I carry them around in my purse with me bc yes there are some days I am so sore I need to take one. And let me tell you I only take it when I absolutely HAVE to as I hate taking them. Well, since I started my CBD oil I no longer need to take them, I have officially taken them out of my purse and replace it with my CBD oil YEAH. I rather take something that is all natural than a narcotic that can only do me harm  I am so thankful for my CBD oil  www.hempworx.com/lisak73

Why I left SBC


I wanted to let you know that after much Praying and talking thing over with Barry I have officially left SBC, this decision has not come to me lightly. You all know I loved a product that I shared often for the past 4 years
Things change…

I have NEVER been about money all I ever wanted was to help people lose weight and get healthy. I am not a pushy sales person and I never will be, I am not an MLM Marketer and never will be like that, I have always focused on helping people and promoting the best weight loss products that I could find.

I know you are confused…” how could she switch?? How could something she was so excited about for so long now NOT be any good?”

That was one thing that kept me from sharing… But my duty is, to be HONEST with you all. And my duty is the find highest quality at best price ♥ And to be honest. 

Honesty and truth far outweigh any amount of money!!

After watching for a good month and last week a very close friend of mine messaged me and said she lost 10 lbs in a month using Sizzle Slim, I decided it’s time I try this out for myself. It is very similar to that product I was so proud of…
The difference is beyond amazing from what I have seen and heard and I have talked to many many people the last while.

I am nothing if not honest with you all and was very hard to admit that the thing that I loved and believed in stopped working for me, my husband and many others. Many that have ordered are returning it because they are not working for them. Something has changed. So I have to STOP promoting it how could I continue to even share a product that was not working for me or my family anymore. I even started to take more but sadly it is not working, and I gave it a good month. So As of June 1 st I closed my account with SBC. I can’t be part of that company anymore. I have to do what is right for not only myself but as well as what I feel is the best for all my customers. Many of you have already purchased Sizzle Slim and I am so excited for you all, you are going to LOVE IT 😀 
I Will always support you and I am getting back on track with my blog, I lost everything on my blog at the beginning of May and when that happened I was not even upset about it so I KNEW it was time for me to make a change  ♥ Plus you all know that I will NEVER push anyone to purchase products from me. I do my blog  because I want to and I know this is helping you as well  ♥
Anyway … I wanted to come clean and let you all know that if I am not believing in something I will not ask you to believe in it as well! I am and always will be about helping you get healthy with the BEST products, highest quality and best price ♥ I love you so very much ♥ Hugs and Love ~Lisa~ My New website is www.sizzlewithlisa.com

I know I have been posting and posting and telling you guys how much Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Care is changing LIVES. Maybe you don’t believe me and maybe you do!

But you NEED TO WATCH this video!!! <3

Watch this then go to http://spiritoftheearth.SBC90.com/ and change your life with us!!!! ♥

My Personal Weight loss Story <3

<img src="http://lisakwalker.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/564996_10200418118317990_2035054454_n1.jpg" class="size-full" alt="My Personal Weight loss Story YES SKINNY FIBER WORKS AND AWESOME 😀 19 lbs and 30 inches GONE WHOO HOO in 4 Months I myself suffer with Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis , spinal stenosis, IBS, depression, basically over all … Continue reading

Hello Everyone :D

I hope you all read this and it helps you in some way  😀 
I was sitting here thinking this morning of what to say, so I am going to just come from the heart (as I always do 😉  ) Change is hard I know, but you don’t need to change EVERYTHING in one day, small changes and one step at a time. I know life is not fair or easy, I have been blessed with 3 beautiful boys, Love them to bits, what I never expected was to have 3 special needs children, I deal with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities and Schizophrenia with my children . I never expected to be diagnosed myself with Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, herniate disks) I always had the Fibro the rest came at 35, can I change all this?? NO, but I can chose how I have my mind set about it, oh yes its been one heck of a rollercoaster ride, but I have survived it. How? By choosing that positive attitude, and when things got me down taking a step back and thinking why am I feeling this way, what can I do to change the way I am feeling or thinking, Oh I will admit its hard yes, and I have been up and down oh sure I have, but taking a step back and looking at the Blessings is what keeps me going, I can’t change what is, I can only move forward and by doing that you have to have a positive attitude  and taking those step in changing my thinking, it did not all happen overnight, but it did happen gradually 😀
This goes with everything in life. I was in pain all the time and yes that is so hard to deal with, but one morning I woke up and thought ok, I need to do something, along with all this I was gaining weight and well that did NOT help matters at all, my self esteem was in the toilet, I lived in PJ’s as I will be honest now NOTHING FIT, everything was too tight, oh yes I made excuses, it was bc I had 3 kids, or it was bc I had a hysterectomy, yes these things DID contribute to my weight gain, BUT the eating a whole bag of popcorn, eating chips, candy all the bad stuff, and eating WAY too much all the time, well that did not help at all. What changed was when I went in to have a cyst removed from my right ovary they had to weigh me before the surgery (i never weight myself as I did not want to know) I got on that scale and it said 170 lbs, I was shocked and embarrassed, how could I let it go for so long, that’s when I knew I had to change. I found Skinny Fiber and that changed everything, I was so excited to start my new journey and when I did BOY I was not expecting all the positive things that happened, my IBS cleared up, I came off of pain medication, my hot flashes stopped, my mood changed, I have more energy, I sleep better at night, I have next to nil pain now, and I have lost 19 lbs and 30 inches, all from Skinny Fiber, I started this Journey  as I want other people to feel as awesome as I do, I have many people who are now on Skinny Fiber and are reaping the benefits to, people who have the Fibro who have the IBS who are all feeling amazing and losing weight as well. I know change is hard, trusting something is hard, I know I was on the fence as well when I first seen Skinny Fiber, I am happy I made that leap and decided to try it, bc if I didn’t, I would still be that miserable person who was very unhappy <3 So you see sometime change can be very very good 😀