Hemp Worx CBD Oil Products: Review and Testimonies

Hemp Worx CBD Oil has many uses for both humans and pets! Here are testimonies from our customers!






How Hemp Worx CBD Oil Works in the Human Body
What is CBD? Benefits of Hemp Worx Products:

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HempWorx CBD Oil Testimonies
I wanted to share a post of my friend Knicole, who just tried CBD oil for her child.
“I feel like I could cry right now! Years and years of counselling, meetings, and doctor
appointments with my 10 year old for his ADHD trying to figure out what’s going on in his
little brain. Trying this and that company. This supplement and that.
My son rarely ever gets anything but zeros, ones and twos. It’s been such a struggle but
crossing fingers I have found the answer! His second day taking this and 2 days in a row
now of all 3s and good comments from school.
Crossing fingers this is the answer to my prayers! Nothing else has worked.
If you have any kids struggling with ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc you have to try this.
Praying this is a new beginning for my precious boy.


Love seeing messages like this about HempWorx products!

“I am in tears right now. I gave Brooklyn her first serving of CBD Oil for her ADHD and I
am amazed.
For years now, she has been very hyperactive, she never sits still, can’t concentrate, and
huge mood swings, however, I did not want her on prescription drugs, so we have just been taking it as it goes.
After her first serving, she is calm, she is able to concentrate on things and her mood
swings are non-existent.
I am a true believer! Please SHARE with someone who could benefit from this.”



CBD Oil Testimonies from Pet Owners:
Pet testimony from a German

Shepherd owner using Hemp Worx CBD Oil for

CBD Oil really works on pets! Cat owners are seeing benefits too! This
testimony is from a cat owner whose cat has kidney disease



CBD Oil product review from a cat owner whose cat found CBD oil helped
his anxiety


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Fibromyalgia Got ya Down… Read What I am doing

Fibromyalgia Got ya Down… Read What I am doing. Hempworx CBD oil has changed my life
Testimony: Age 44 — Diagnoses include Fibromyalgia, Migraines, IBS, Anxiety, depression, Osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease, Arthritis, over all Chronic Pain, neck fusion a year ago from C3 to C7 living with pins, rods and plates now, Diabetes (Type 2), High blood pressure, High cholesterol. Yep this is ME. Train wreck right. lol
Sick and tired of being sick and tired? That was me. Out of sheer desperation, healing from my neck surgery and dealing with chronic pain all over. I needed to do something different. I decided to try something new that I found cutting edge, CBD Oil. I found out thru a year of research that is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and  neuro-protective properties. As someone with autoimmune diseases, depression and anxiety and over all chronic pain, CBD oil was something I had never tried but in theory should help. I was sceptical yet hopeful.

I have been using Hempworx CBD oil now for 3 and a half month now & the only thing I regret is having not tried it sooner. I admittedly was close-minded and did not take the time to understand what CBD oil was. I assumed in contained THC. Assumed it was illegal or risque. Thought I would be judged for using any product associated with Hemp/Cannabis/CBD. After all, I am a “mom” with “responsibilities” and I don’t “do drugs”. I was so very wrong about all of it and  I know that now.
I am not a Doctor nor can I make any medical claims about CBD oil. All I can do is offer my personal testimony. So since I have been using my CBD oil daily what has happened? Well, my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms are gone, my pain is tolerable, especially since the week before I began my CBD oil , I was suffering so bad with Fibromyalgia flare-up and pain in my neck due to the surgery. My anxiety level is lower than it has been in years, I am happy and my depression is MUCH better  My Fibromyalgia pain is hardly noticeable at all now , migraine headaches are gone, blood pressure and sugars are normal, I am off my break through narcotics I was on for my pain from neck surgery and get this I was able to even work a little at the local grocery store this summer  I can’t even believe I just typed all that. Yes I still have limitations BUT with my CBD oil I am living my life so much better than what I was. It has truly given me my life back.
Sounds like snake oil. I get it. I have trouble believing it too. But it is true. I am going to continue my journey and document my progress. My hope is to educate the next person, who has suffered far too long, and let them know that there are natural products available that may help them too.  I am here to tell you, YOU DON’T have to suffer, YES this will help you. I am living PROOF.

Our CBD oil is THC Free, and Legal in all 50 States, Canada, and the UK. Trust me this is so worth it, my only regret is that I wish I would have started it sooner than I did. I am so happy I found this awesome company who has the real deal when it comes to CBD oil.  CBD oil has truly given me my life back and has been a God sent. I hope by reading this that it can help you as well. That’s all I want to do is help people feel better
Want to know more?

Visit my website at www.cbdwithlisa.com

Hempworx CBD oil is changing lives.

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Tara Shares her CBD oil review

I can’t help but share … it this helps one person it’s worth it!!!

From Tara –
I am sitting here in absolute amazement 🤤
2 weeks ago I started using our CBD Oils…just 5 drops twice a day. I checked my bottle of Tramadol cuz it usually needs filled at the start of each month. I decided to count them..there are 84 left out of the 120! That is HUGE for me!
By this time of the month, I am usually counting them out to make sure I have enough until the refill date! 💚💚💚
So if you have fibromyalgia & want to get rid of the prescription meds, I encourage you to give this a try!
I have always referred to my meds as poison..well now I say that thought is reiterated with the stench of my sweat going thru the withdrawals of it…but I am almost big pharma-free after needing them for 17 years! 🌱🌱🌱

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Why I left SBC


I wanted to let you know that after much Praying and talking thing over with Barry I have officially left SBC, this decision has not come to me lightly. You all know I loved a product that I shared often for the past 4 years
Things change…

I have NEVER been about money all I ever wanted was to help people lose weight and get healthy. I am not a pushy sales person and I never will be, I am not an MLM Marketer and never will be like that, I have always focused on helping people and promoting the best weight loss products that I could find.

I know you are confused…” how could she switch?? How could something she was so excited about for so long now NOT be any good?”

That was one thing that kept me from sharing… But my duty is, to be HONEST with you all. And my duty is the find highest quality at best price ♥ And to be honest. 

Honesty and truth far outweigh any amount of money!!

After watching for a good month and last week a very close friend of mine messaged me and said she lost 10 lbs in a month using Sizzle Slim, I decided it’s time I try this out for myself. It is very similar to that product I was so proud of…
The difference is beyond amazing from what I have seen and heard and I have talked to many many people the last while.

I am nothing if not honest with you all and was very hard to admit that the thing that I loved and believed in stopped working for me, my husband and many others. Many that have ordered are returning it because they are not working for them. Something has changed. So I have to STOP promoting it how could I continue to even share a product that was not working for me or my family anymore. I even started to take more but sadly it is not working, and I gave it a good month. So As of June 1 st I closed my account with SBC. I can’t be part of that company anymore. I have to do what is right for not only myself but as well as what I feel is the best for all my customers. Many of you have already purchased Sizzle Slim and I am so excited for you all, you are going to LOVE IT 😀 
I Will always support you and I am getting back on track with my blog, I lost everything on my blog at the beginning of May and when that happened I was not even upset about it so I KNEW it was time for me to make a change  ♥ Plus you all know that I will NEVER push anyone to purchase products from me. I do my blog  because I want to and I know this is helping you as well  ♥
Anyway … I wanted to come clean and let you all know that if I am not believing in something I will not ask you to believe in it as well! I am and always will be about helping you get healthy with the BEST products, highest quality and best price ♥ I love you so very much ♥ Hugs and Love ~Lisa~ My New website is www.sizzlewithlisa.com

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I am sooooooooo excited Here are the commercials for ya all to get a little peak 😀




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Check out Courtney and her Family WOW WOW WOW

My friend Courtney:) ( I absolutely love that her whole family is doing this with her!!! What an awesome support system!)
In March of 2013 I started Skinny Fiber. I had no idea I was going to get the support of my family behind me! It makes me so proud to share this pic. Together, the 9 of us have lost 332 pounds!!!!! If we can do it, so can you!!!!!

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HI Everyone :D

HI Everyone 😀


So today I decided to do a video and introduce myself, 😀 check it out here  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152140898941007

Make 2014 YOUR YEAR!!!! Get your Skinny on! 100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here–>> http://spiritoftheearth.thenewyearschallenge.com/

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Manage Stress with a few lifestyle changes:



Establish non-food rewards for yourself. Go to a movie, take a class, download a new app, go shopping, play a game, call an old friend.

Practice relaxation and take breaks every day. Breaks from work, difficult tasks and even thinking about your diet.

Exercise regularly. Even as little as a 15 minute walk is enough to boost metabolism and combat stress. If you enjoy gardening, you get to combine two stress relievers in one – exercise and hobby.

Have fun – laugh! Laugh loud! It is hard to be worried when you are having fun. (And it makes everyone else wonder what you are up to.)

Focus on hobbies or interests. A neglected or new hobby can be a reward and something to focus attention from snacks or other unhealthy habits. Not to mention, in a few months you can show off your new skills or project with pride!

Establish support systems. Find a buddy or coach who understands your goals and can be there for support when you feel overwhelmed.

Affirm and reaffirm that you can do this. Write down your goals and celebrate progress. Draw a picture of how you will feel when you achieve your goal.

Get organized and manage your time. Use the time saved from grocery shopping and cooking to tackle a job that is causing you stress.

Pamper you – you are worth it! Fuzzy slippers or a favorite sport event? Relax and do what you want.

Practice saying NO – mean it and stick to it. Say NO to over committing, and anything that can push you too far.

Get enough sleep. Try going to bed just 30-60 minutes earlier. Oh, the energy you will have tomorrow!

Eat healthy, but make sure it is also tasty!

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