CBD Infused Hot Chocolate

So the kids are always my testers, I thought why not make a hot chocolate with our HempWorx (HW) creamer and coffee 🤔 so I did some thinking and I came up with this and it’s awesome and well you all know my guys can be very fussy and they loved it 🙂


CBD Infused Hot Chocolate

What you need is

8 packages of our HW keto coffee creamer (I used the mocha flavored one)
2 HW coffee packages 
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 tsp cinnamon
Mix everything together well. Put 1 Tablespoon into a cup and add water stir and add stevia to taste.

Buttery Garlic Spinach With Bacon

This low carb dish is AWESOME to have on the side 🙂 Not only is it low carb its keto approved as well 🙂

Buttery Garlic Spinach With Bacon

5 tablespoons butter
5 cloves garlic minced
1 bag baby spinach
5 strips bacon cooked and crumbled
1 tsp salt

Heat up a skillet and add the butter. Add garlic and saute until aromatic.
Add the spinach into the skillet, follow by cooked, crumbled bacon, stir to combine. Add salt if desired.
As soon as the spinach leaves start to wilt, turn off the heat and transfer to a serving platter.
Serve immediately.