Reasons to try CBD oil

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CBD for chronic pain relief

Researchers think that CBD interacts with receptors in your brain and immune system. Receptors are tiny proteins attached to your cells that receive chemical signals from different stimuli and help your cells respond. This creates both anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects, which can both benefit pain management. This means that CBD oil may benefit people with chronic pain, such as chronic back pain.

One 2008 review assessed how well CBD works to relieve chronic pain. The review looked at studies conducted between the late 1980s and 2007. Based on these reviews, they concluded that CBD was effective in overall pain management without adverse side effects. They also noted that CBD was beneficial in treating insomnia related to chronic pain.

The authors of the study also note that CBD was most helpful in people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

CBD for arthritis pain relief

One study from 2016 researched the use of CBD in rats with arthritis. For four days in a row, researchers applied CBD gel to rats: 0.6, 3.1, 6.2, and 62.3 mg per day. They noted reduced inflammation and overall pain in the affected joints — all without side effects.

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects of the CBD gel could hold promise for people with arthritis looking to use the oil.

CBD for cancer treatment relief

CBD oil is also used by some people who have cancer. While a few studies in mice have shown a reduction of cancerous tumors, most human studies have researched the role of CBD oil in managing pain related to cancer and its treatment. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has pointed to CBD as a possibility for chemotherapy relief.

One study by the NCI tested CBD oil extracts that were sprayed in the mouth. These were used in conjunction with opioids. Though more research is needed, this study revealed better pain management with the help of CBD oil.

WOW another awesome CBD oil testimony for pain

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Here’s how CBD battles anxiety

Anxiety is one of the worst disorders of the modern world, just because its symptoms significantly reduce patient’s quality of life. Since you’re reading this, you or someone you know is probably going through some tough times. I know we have anxiety is real and one I have suffered with for a long time, but now I have CBD oil to help me with this, and I am so glad I do.  My hope by you reading this is that it will help you or a loved one. 

When it comes to medicinal application of cannabis, there is an ever-constant debate of whether you should focus on THC or CBD rich strains when treating certain conditions.

When it comes to anxiety however, CBD seems to be much more helpful.

First of all, it does not produce psychoactive effects so you won’t get high out of your mind and even paranoid.

Second, it is superior to THC when it comes to medicinal application in just the sheer volume of diseases and conditions it helps with.

Finally, it regulates many physiological processes such as sleep, inflammation, appetite and tranquilization, all of which boosts life quality for anxiety sufferers.

Let’s check out the main 5 benefits of CBD for anxiety and depression.

CBD relieves physical symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is not just in the mind — it also produces a wide variety of physical symptoms, all of which are extremely debilitating. Many people have reported CBD’s positive effects on physical symptoms of anxiety, ranging from life-improving to life-changing.
In fact, CBD:
Relaxes muscles and relieves tension
Relieves nausea and bowel problems caused by severe anxiety disorders
Relieves headaches and tingling
This is all very encouraging to read especially for those of you looking for a relief from that constant chest tightness that anxiety produces.

CBD reduces learned fears and helps with phobias

We are born with only two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noises.

Every other fear?

We learn it. And this includes thousands of phobias that people are struggling with.
Someone would say “it’s all in the head” but sometimes you just can’t cope with a traumatic experience. In these cases, CBD will help immensely.

According to a report published in 2017 by the British Pharmacological Society, several studies have confirmed that CBD reduces learned fear response in ways that are relevant to patients suffering from phobias and PTSD.

As you might know, both phobias and PTSD are marked by fear-related memories, so it makes sense that cannabidiol relieves this particular range of symptoms.

One study in particular, goes into detail on how CBD relieves fear response. They stated that CBD helps in 3 ways:
It acutely decreases fear expression
It disrupts memory reconsolidation
It enhances extinction

All of these might sound too complicated to explain, but they all point out to this:
CBD can and will help with reducing the impact of learned fears, whether you are suffering from phobias, PTSD or other life-changing traumatic experiences.

CBD makes public speaking a walk in the park

There are many dimensions to anxiety disorders and the fear of public speaking is one of the most common ones.
You’ve probably been there yourself:
The limelight hits your face like a beacon of hopelessness and you suddenly feel there is a knot in your stomach. It doesn’t take long before you completely lose your grip with reality.

In moments like these, CBD is a life saver, as it relieves all symptoms of GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), one of which is the fear of speaking in front of people.

A study done in 2010 explored this issue in more detail:

They took two groups — one was given placebo and the other was given a single dose (600 mg) of CBD oil.
About 1.5 hours later, they ran both groups through a public speaking simulation and noticed this:

“Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their speech performance, and significantly decreased alert in their anticipatory speech.”
So to round this up:

If you’re suffering from social anxiety and you’re afraid of speaking in front of unknown people, take a dose of CBD oil 1.5-2 hours before your appearance.

CBD improves mood while relieving anxiety symptoms

The hard truth about most anxiety disorders is that they make you bummed out, even in your downtime.
Especially in your downtime.
CBD, when combined with THC, also has antidepressant properties, which regulate your emotional response and the general way of thinking.
There are two ways for that to happen:
When ingested, CBD activates 5-HT1A receptors. By doing so, it enables the brain to send more serotonin signals, thus reducing the anxiety and boosting your general mood.
Another way is by stimulating hippocampal neurogenesis — a process through which a person’s hippocampus basically regenerates. This is very important because people who suffer from depression and anxiety often have underdeveloped hippocampus.

CBD prevents nervous breakdowns and panic attacks

According to Mental Health Daily, CBD has the ability to completely reset the nervous system after a traumatic experience.
Let me explain:
Whenever we get that fight or flight feeling, our autonomic nervous system gets altered — the sympathetic branch becomes more active than parasympathetic.
When we administer CBD shortly before or after that traumatic event, our nervous system gets reset, which relieves current tension and prevents a full blown nervous breakdown.
This, coupled with CBD’s neuroprotective properties, ensures that both your nervous system, as well as hippocampus remain solid and healthy for a long time to come.
Bonus tip: you can use CBD oil for panic attacks, as well.

Is CBD the right choice for you then?

Regardless of your particular anxiety disorder, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that points in the direction of CBD as a valid treatment option.
And even though we explored just five benefits of CBD in this post, you can expect much more in real life. It all depends on your previous treatment, your condition and the mindset you have.

Whatever the case is, I have just one more thing to say:
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CBD for anxiety

CBD helps with Sensory Processing Disorder

A Testimony worth Reading! This just melts my heart reading how CBD is helping everyone ❤️
This is from Ceally in regards to her son Bodhi. I can so relate to this with my boys too they both have Sensory Processing Disorder along with their Autism
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My sons Testimony
This is Bodhi. He is now 5 years old. ❤️💚💙
He loves Play-Doh, Moon sand and plays Outside in the cold mud. Listens to Alternative Rock & Classic Music. Enjoys vintage video games such as PacMan and Super Mario.
I knew Bodhi was unique from birth but when he was 6 months old is when I had my first clue. He had his first MELTDOWN at the city fair.
We couldn’t calm him down. Everything that normally worked, such as feeding him, holding him, changing his diaper, etc! Nothing… until we walked into a quite room then it immediately made him go silent!
From that day forwarded I picked up environmental triggers that would make him spin out of control.
Crowds, loud noises, unfamiliar spaces, smells, sounds that he would immediately shut down. I felt discouraged. Then little things like texture of food, he didn’t like baby food and clothes even would make him have a meltdown!
Every single pre school and daycare would kick him out because of him not being social with kids, refusing to transition, becoming physical even when he didn’t know how to use his words to communicate. He plays by himself often and focuses very hard on one thing at time!
We have had him evaluated twice by the state and I have asked his pediatrician for suggestions. All of them have came back that he IS NOT Autistic or on the Spectrum. That he would develop at his own pace and to continue to work with him.
😕 well than…that gives me no answers
In my heart I knew he is unique. He processes this world in his own way, and it’s causing him anxiety and pain 😣😰😭 you have no idea how painful it is to see your child struggle with normal day to day things. Putting on clothes was like pulling teeth! Teachers treating him like he was to difficult to handle to be apart of group, excluding him from activities or social events because “he cant handle it” 😓
Then a friend of mine who I have been socializing with on Facebook immediately picked up on Bodhi signs. I was explaining to her about the struggles I have encountered with him.
She stopped me and said “Sensory Processing Disorder” she then told me about her daughter and her are to. She showed me online support groups and lots of information on the subject!
😶😶😶😶😶I sat there reading signs and cues and kept going in my head “THATS MY SON!” 🙄
*sign of relief* 😌
The rest is really just tedious details to where we are now!
Wow! So much support and information is out there about this! I am so thankful too!
However, after doing some research on the causes of SPD and the emerging theory that it is the result of too many synapses firing in the brain I decided to try my best to make him comfortable. Due to my background in Holistic Nutrition and owning a Health Food Company Organic Meal Prep LLC; I wanted to try something Natural and what I kept hearing other groups say about CBD oil.
We tried couple brands and one finally had everything right. Quality, price, purity(batch testing) & made here in American 🇺🇸 plus they were 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so essentially it was risk free. I knew if we tried it and didn’t like it we could return it!
I am here to tell you the results are just astounding.
It has been a miracle. Hallelujah 🙏🏽
He has been able to start vocalizing his concerns at school, using his words 🗣. Textures are becoming something fun for him to explore! He no longer fights me on putting socks on! Or PANTS! He wears Jeans😍
We noticed the results the first time we gave it to him.. it was remarkable.
We were getting lots of eye contact.. 😍he sat at the dinner table for the whole dinner.. that was a first! He has continued to use his words instead of thrashing and having meltdowns when he is overly stimulated!
I could go on for days where all the improvements are happening! It has been giving him a quality of life that I have always dreamed for my boy! 🤧
Anyhow.. I am rambling now, and getting emotional.
Thanks for reading  I’m still learning and Bodhi is too! 💕 but this has been life changing for him and I’m a proud mama 😍

How to Use HempWorx CBD oil

Explaining in simplest way to the use of this CBD oil:
1. Each bottle whether 500 or 750 have the same amount of drops in them: Est. 1200
2. The 750 is a bit stronger in the CBD oil contained in it.
3. Each bottle has 50 servings of DROPPER WHEN FILLED WHICH IS “HALF WAY” IN THE SYRINGE.. (Of course that is 1000 drops and I measured it and there actually are 54 servings of the full dropper)
“It is recommended you do this for two weeks. “
When you first begin: Put 5 drops under your tongue in the morning and at night. Now depending on your pain or discomfort you can take another 5 drops in the afternoon if needed.
If you need to up it then go to 10 drops the same as above.. Morn and Night..
I am absolutely sure you will see a difference with the reasons you are taking the drops. Whether it is for pain, sleep, anxiety, restlessness etc. Not to mention the healing that is taking place inside your body. This oil is an anti-inflammatory and a relaxant. After 4 weeks I am sure your blood pressure will calm and many other issues you will notice change. But the obvious are the ones you see and feel.
This depends on you..
If you do the 5 drops two weeks for a month 3x a day: It will last: more than “two months.” To make sure you doing the right amount of drops you can drop them into a spoon so you can see then put them under your tongue. Or just find the level with the enclose picture of what it looks like in the dropper. It measures from the end to just a bit above the wider section coming out of the bottom
“I would do that at least for the first month.” Your body will adjust and it gives the oil time to do the things that need to be done. Yes it will recognize other issues in your body and take care of them too. It just seems magical doesn’t it? Well I would say it is a blessing for us all by Spirit to take care of what needs to be taken care of.
The cost for a bottle is $69 plus sh EST $7.95 that would be $37 a month to improve your health. It is kind of an easy choice to make!
Feel free to share with anyone!

I love what I do and will always be honest with you.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. Moving to My Daily Choice/Hempworx was the BEST thing I could have ever done. I have always been about helping others and finding products that work. I was with a company for 4 years and loved what I did BUT sadly they got greedy and changed the products. I was so disappointed when this happened, When the products first came out they were amazing, the helped my boys so much an then I noticed they stopped working 🙁 I noticed a change in colour and the product got gritty. And with the other one I was getting sick every time I took it. I was told this was NORMAL. Now those of you who know me, know that my boys have autism and well with this product I was able to get them off medications and it was going really good then all of a sudden it changed. I had to find something ASAP to help them. I stopped sharing about these products and I honestly was starting to think it was just us but In my search I had customers messaging me telling me the SAME thing, they were not working, the product was gritty, something changed, etc. The person I am, I could no longer promote something that was not working not only for myself and my family but for everyone else too, in my eyes I am lying to people that this product works when in fact it didn’t anymore. That is NOT who I am, I am NOT about the money, I am all about helping people feel better. I had been researching CBD oil for about a year, but the problem was I couldn’t find a company that for one had a real product and for 2 shipped world wide. When I posted that I quit the other company and why I quit so many people opened up and told me that they also experienced the same thing, some were shocked that I left and others totally understood, I will NEVER lie and have been up front right from the get go about why I left, I even had one of the leader tell me to take my feelings out of it, ummmm so you want me to lie to people and sell them something that won’t work? Nope that is NOT ME at all.

I finally found My Daily Choice / Hempworx  and I am so happy I did, I am proud to be apart of this amazing company.   Not only do they have top notch products I know they will never change them. And my boys are doing so much better now.

The CEO’s of this company are the most amazing people, they truly CARE about each and everyone of us. They are not all about hyping things up, when they say they are going to do something they do it. I have so much respect for them both, even though I haven’t met them in person, I have talked to Josh on the phone and he is the most down to earth, real person, and I am super excited and proud to be apart of this company 

That all this being said, I found what works for me and I am unapologetic and most certainly not embarrassed. What happened with the other company was not my fault. I love the network marketing industry. When you are in a company that for one cares and will always be straight up with you and also has the best training system to teach you and when you learn to do it right, it’s a beautiful thing 

xo Lisa

What Hempworx CBD Oil had done for our Family

YEP this is my OWN testimony With what  Hempworx CBD oil and the sprays have done for our family  

Most of you know that I suffer with over all chronic pain, and in my neck due to surgery. I have Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease. WELL get THIS, I have NOT taken any of my break through narcotics since I have been on the  CBD oil .  

I started out with the 500 mg and just got the 750 mg to try and I do notice a huge difference with my pain. 

Barry’s Psoriasis is gone since he started taking CBD and he is growing his hair out, he is so excited because he can brush his hair now   

Tyler and Travis are using the Brain Spray for their cognitive functions – Travis and Tyler both have ADHD and Autism.

Brandon has severe depression and anxiety and is getting relief with our CBD Oil.

We all use the Sleep spray and have never slept better 

HempWorx CBD Oil is helping so many people feel better and gain back their life. 
And I can honestly say that there was NO way I could have worked over the summer without it. 


All natural MDC sprays

Other than our CBD products, we have these awesome sprays and boy do they work. 100 % all natural sprays that are safe and effective. I use the peak, shield and sleep spray, they have helped with my immune system and not only do they work they taste great too  My whole family uses the sleep spray. 4 sprays every night is all we use and we all sleep amazing, best all natural sleep aid we have ever used and trust me we have tried many. The Brain spray I give to Tyler and Travis, it has helped them so much. Packed full of all natural ingredients that helps them with stress, focus and behaviours too  each spray is 24.95 or you can get a 3 pack mixed up for 69.00 WELL worth the investment. I JUST got the Trim365 to try. If you have any questions about our spays please ask me. or visit my website at

Another Happy Hempwrox Customer

Just got this in from one of my customers and couldn’t wait to share!! I am so happy for you and that you gave it a try 😀

I received my Hempworxs on September 5th and have been taking it faithfully day and night 5 drops each time. Immediately I notice small things that continue to get better. I’m sleeping through the whole night, my hips no longer lock up in the mornings, my brain function seems to have improved, my anxiety has got me down to only two doses a day instead of three. My severe muscle spasms that I e had for years and was on zanaflex 3 times per day I have been able to reduce to 1/2 a pill once a day. Headaches gone. I want to thank you so much for posting this product and staying in contact with me the whole way. I will be reordering.
Thanks Kristina H.
See if hempworx could help you!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me <3 I am here to help you Lisa K Walker
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Please note that no medical claims is being made -just personal testimonial of a Hemp Worx CBD Oil user!!

Hempworks and arthritis

Another amazing Testimony from one or our Customers! This stuff is changing so many lives!
I have suffered from major arthritis pain (degenerative bone disease) I have not been able to open a jar because of the pain in my hands.
This has been going on for years. I even have issues with my lower back for years as well. OK basically every joint in my body hurts all the time. I have tried everything from topical gels, very high doses of tylenol and even pain killers.
I finally found a miracle product that has literally stopped all the pain in my hands and has decreased the pain in my lower back. This stuff is amazing. It is called HempWorx CBD Herbal 750 Drops

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