“Sometimes I think people think I’m crazy. 2 years ago I was told I tested positive for lupus. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I couldn’t even get off the couch by myself my legs hurt so bad. If one of my grand babies touched me it felt like someone had punched me in that spot. It hurt so bad I could cry. After 1 year of trying different medications which I could not take because I was allergic to them. The doctors finally settled on plaquenil.

I was on it for almost 9 months when my RA told me that I couldn’t take it because of the side effects. Two of my daughters talked to me about trying CBD oil. I was very leery to try it. I had all the questions everyone else did. Can I pass a pee test was the biggest on. After a lot of research and talking to my husband I decided to try it. My husbands comment was “what do you have to loose by trying it” my comment was “pain”. I am happy to say 3 months later I am off of all my medications. I feel so good and it doesn’t hurt when my grand babies touch me or when someone hugs me!!”

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OCD, ADHD, BIPOLAR, PTSD, Hempworx Testimony

From Sonia!

Feeling Alive & Happy!

I don’t like being labeled so I don’t often speak about my mental differences.

OCD ADHD BIPOLAR PTSD are things I only learned about a few years ago even though my whole life I knew my mind was different than others. I have smoked marijuana since I have been 13 and that helped me but some days it gets my anxiety spiking.
Doctors prescribed me many different pills and I never found one that just made me feel ok and I hated swallowing them. I either was zombie, tired, couldn’t sleep and they were so strong it even affected my sex drive. I did quit medications two years now but my mood energy and anxiety still had spikes. Been using #CBD oil drops from #HempWorx 1 week now and I feel ALIVE HAPPY and even though lots of stressful family emergencies happened this week I was able to control my mood anxiety, I noticed my skin has improved and I sleep longer then ever before!
Really satisfied!

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