HomeMade Dog Food

So everyone has been asking for this recipe, I know it looks so gross lol but the fur babies love it. It’s easy to make, you can freeze it in individual packages for them too, its a nice balanced diet for them and trust me the LOVE IT 🙂 You can feed it raw or cooked too. You can double this recipe as well.

Homemade Dog Food

What you need

2 lbs lean ground beef 
2 full droppers of CBD oil (I used our 500mg peppermint one) 
1 can salmon with the skin and bones and juice
1 tsp ground ginger
2 eggs
1 eggshell 
1/2 cup broccoli
1/2 of red bell pepper
1/2 cup spinach

In a large bowl add beef, CBD oil, salmon and eggs mix well with a fork, the bones mush well too 🙂 
In a food processor add eggshell, broccoli, red pepper, and spinach, blend well till everything is small. Add this mixture to the meat mixture and mix well together. You can now freeze in individual packages 🙂 As a starting point, feed your dog about two to three percent of his ideal adult weight. So, if he weighs 50 pounds, feed him one pound of food or a bit more. If your dog is very active, you may need to feed a little more and if your dog is more of a couch potato, you may need to feed a little less. Most adult dogs should eat two meals a day so divide into 2 meals 🙂

I love getting these Pet Hempworx testimonies

Just in from Margaret <3 I love seeing furbabies testimonies like this <3

Testimonial about our beautiful Pomeranian
Kody has always been anxious and it is bewildering to us as we have had her from 10 weeks of age and nothing has ever happened to her. I tried the rescue remedy and it did not work for her. The vet said they could prescribe an anti depressant but I was not keen, then into our world came the CBD oil for pets, what a change!! We went to Melbourne for Christmas and a friend looked after her and she said she could not believe the change, Kody stays with them whenever we go away and she said this time it was amazing how clam Kody was and she ate all her meals instead of not feeding for up to 5 days so it is with this that I recommend the oil for pets.

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HempWorx for your fur kids testimony

AWE I love this, her pups were calm during New Years Eve celebrations xo Judy shares this awesome testimony :

What a peaceful New Years Eve I had – even with all the fireworks going off my pups were calm and slept through it. This is not typical – I normally have two in my face trembling and panting and the other two shaking under the covers.

So happy I was prepared and gave them their CBD Oil Cookies and Oil!!! Less stress on them AND me!!!

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As for servings depends on the size of your furbaby here is a chart that shows you the serving size as well

NEW HempWorx CBD Oil Pet Treats

We have so many customers who are giving their fur babies CBD oil, the issue is that not a lot of our fur babies like the peppermint taste, we asked and they listened 🙂 INTRODUCING NEW CBD products for dogs and … Continue reading