Vertigo GONE after suffering 20 Years

Janine says:
I thank God every day that I don’t have any major ailments or health issues but being 59 years old, I have alot of aches and pains every day! When I wake up in the morning or sit for too long, I have to wait about 30-60 seconds to walk because I”m so stiff!!

My hips, knees, ankles and feet are stiff and painful. I’ve been taking the oil for a week now, and the stiffness and pain is practically GONE!

I still get up THINKING I’m going to have pain, but I’m able to just walk without having to stop for 30 seconds first!! It feels AMAZING!!! But that’s not the BEST part!!!! MY CHRONIC VERTIGO IS GONE!!!!

As many of you know, I’ve been suffering with vertigo for the past 20 years!! Every night when I lie down in bed, the room spins. Every time I turn over, the room spins!! Well, NOT ANYMORE!!! I’ve actually been able to go to sleep like a normal person!!

I started out slowly with only 5 drops 2x/day and upped it every day. Today I took 20 drops so far and feel GREAT!!

I’ll take another 20 before bed and I know I’ll have the best sleep ever!! This is one product I will NEVER be without!!!

Don’t settle for anything other than the BEST

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Suffer with Fibromyalgia? Read this testimony

Suffer with Fibromyalgia? Read this testimony

This just in from a #Hempworx customer!

There is a light at the end of the Tunnel…
So as many of you know…
I suffer from this horrible sydrome…and it is horrible…
for the past 5 years this has taken over pretty much all of waking moments along with other medical issues…..
Most of you who know me have been with me through it all…..
But Today I am 22 days pain free!!
I can’t even believe how this all happended….I am just as amazed as, my friends are…none of us can believe how long I suffered and now in literally a matter of 3 days I was completely pain free…..🙂
How? Well let me tell you…..Months ago my Friend told me about something called CBD Oil….I heared him, but I didn’t listen…..I went on just suffering along…

Then My friend talked to me about it one night, when I was at my lowest point…..just wanting to give up…this was just the wasn’t way I wanted to live…always in constant pain….
She said, I will send you some CBD Oil…and the rest is history my friends.. I started using 5 squirts under my tongue and holding it for 2 minutes, swished it over my tongue before I swallowed it….and done……The results were immediate, although in the begining I was only doing 3 squirts…it did take my pain away, but not completely….it was not until I upped the dosage to 5 squirts that I saw complete results……

NO PAIN…..I became so thrilled over the results that I became a Distributor ……If I can help even one person and that person helps one person and so on…we can all be out of pain and regaining our lives back….sound good? I have my life back!!!! I want you to have yours back too!

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Hempworx review for restless leg

HempWorx #CBD Oil helped Joy get relief from her #RLS! It’s helped mine too, I am so thankful for #HempWorx

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Hempworx CBD oil is changing lives.

🌞 I love seeing these amazing results  Have you ever found that those we love see positive changes in us before we realize we are getting better? That’s the case with this new testimony from Myrtle 

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What Hempworx CBD Oil had done for our Family

YEP this is my OWN testimony With what  Hempworx CBD oil and the sprays have done for our family  

Most of you know that I suffer with over all chronic pain, and in my neck due to surgery. I have Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease. WELL get THIS, I have NOT taken any of my break through narcotics since I have been on the  CBD oil .  

I started out with the 500 mg and just got the 750 mg to try and I do notice a huge difference with my pain. 

Barry’s Psoriasis is gone since he started taking CBD and he is growing his hair out, he is so excited because he can brush his hair now   

Tyler and Travis are using the Brain Spray for their cognitive functions – Travis and Tyler both have ADHD and Autism.

Brandon has severe depression and anxiety and is getting relief with our CBD Oil.

We all use the Sleep spray and have never slept better 

HempWorx CBD Oil is helping so many people feel better and gain back their life. 
And I can honestly say that there was NO way I could have worked over the summer without it. 


Another Happy Hempwrox Customer

Just got this in from one of my customers and couldn’t wait to share!! I am so happy for you and that you gave it a try 😀

I received my Hempworxs on September 5th and have been taking it faithfully day and night 5 drops each time. Immediately I notice small things that continue to get better. I’m sleeping through the whole night, my hips no longer lock up in the mornings, my brain function seems to have improved, my anxiety has got me down to only two doses a day instead of three. My severe muscle spasms that I e had for years and was on zanaflex 3 times per day I have been able to reduce to 1/2 a pill once a day. Headaches gone. I want to thank you so much for posting this product and staying in contact with me the whole way. I will be reordering.
Thanks Kristina H.
See if hempworx could help you!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me <3 I am here to help you Lisa K Walker
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Please note that no medical claims is being made -just personal testimonial of a Hemp Worx CBD Oil user!!

Fibromyalgia Got ya Down… Read What I am doing


Testimony: Age 44 — Diagnoses include Fibromyalgia, Migraines, IBS, Anxiety, depression, Osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease,  neck fusion a year ago from C3 to C7 living with pins, rods and plates now, Diabetes (Type 2), High blood pressure, High cholesterol. Yep this is ME.
➡️ Sick & tired of being sick & tired? That was me. Out of sheer desperation, healing from my neck surgery and dealing with chronic pain all over. I needed to do something different.  I decided to try something new that I found cutting edge, CBD  Oil. I found out thru a year of research that is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, & neuro-protective properties. As someone with autoimmune diseases, depression and anxiety and over all chronic pain, CBD oil  was something I had never tried but in theory should help. I was sceptical yet hopeful.

I have been using Hempworx CBD oil now  for 2 month now & the only thing I regret is having not tried it sooner. I admittedly was close-minded & did not take the time to understand what CBD oil was. I assumed in contained THC. Assumed it was illegal or risque. Thought I would be judged for using any product associated with Hemp/Cannabis/CBD. After all, I am a “mom” with “responsibilities” & I don’t “do drugs”. I was so very wrong about all of it & I know that now.
I am not a Doctor nor can I make any medical claims about CBD oil. All I can do is offer my personal testimony. After 2 months of daily use, my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms are gone, my pain is tolerable,  especially since the week before I began my CBD oil , I was suffering so bad with Fibromyalgia flare-up and pain in my neck due to the surgery. My anxiety level is lower than it has been in years, I am happy and my depression is MUCH better 🙂  My Fibromyalgia pain is tolerable, migraine headaches are gone, blood pressure and sugars are normal,  I am off my break through narcotics I was on for my pain from neck surgery and get this I was able to even work a little at the local grocery store this summer 🙂 I can’t even believe I just typed all that.
Sounds like snake oil. I get it. I have trouble believing it too. But it is true. I am going to continue my journey & document my progress. My hope is to educate the next person, who has suffered far too long, & let them know that there are natural products available that may help them too 💖 Our CBD oil is THC Free, and Legal in all 50 States, Canada, and the UK.  Trust me this is so worth it, my only regret is that I wish I would have started it sooner than I did. I am so happy I found this awesome company who has the real deal when it comes to CBD oil. CBD oil has truly given me my life back and has been a God sent. I hope by reading this that it can help you as well. That’s all I want to do is help people feel better 💖

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Hempworks and arthritis

Another amazing Testimony from one or our Customers! This stuff is changing so many lives!
I have suffered from major arthritis pain (degenerative bone disease) I have not been able to open a jar because of the pain in my hands.
This has been going on for years. I even have issues with my lower back for years as well. OK basically every joint in my body hurts all the time. I have tried everything from topical gels, very high doses of tylenol and even pain killers.
I finally found a miracle product that has literally stopped all the pain in my hands and has decreased the pain in my lower back. This stuff is amazing. It is called HempWorx CBD Herbal 750 Drops

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7 yr old boy with ADHD, Hempworx CBD review

Safe for All Ages!! – 7 yr old boy with ADHD.

CBD OIL replaces Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, sleeping pills 🌱👏🏻 (upsetting that a 7yr old was that medicated)
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