ADHD Hempworx Testimony

This is Anna Belle. She is 7 years old. She was diagnosed with ADHD at 5. Her doctor put her on adderall. I only gave her the adderall Monday-Friday for school only to help her focus. I hated giving it to her cause it made her so spaced out and she was not her sweet little self at all while taking it. She passed kindergarten with b’s and c’s. So this year we have struggled all year on her grades especially in reading. Her teacher and I both seen that she was not retaining what she was learning. I took her back to the doctor and he upped the dosage of adderall. I gave it to her for 1 week. She would come home and crash and just be so hard to handle. I could not take it anymore so I just completely took her off. My mom gave me HempWorx for her to try so I did. The next week her teacher noticed she was not so spaced out in class and was participating and talking more. In other words she was herself again since off the adderall. She has been taking 3-4 drops in morning and the same in evening. We have been doing this for about a month. Her mood is so much better, she has been doing much better in school, she is nicer to her brother and sister, she sleeps so much better at night. She obviously can tell a difference too because she makes sure I do not forget it before school:) I also use it when my eczema flares up. I can take 1 drop and apply to where I am
Itching and it takes the itch right away. I gave my husband 2 drops before bed cause he never sleeps throughout the whole night and taking the oil he does! I’m so thankful we found something with no harmful side effects like the adderall she was on. This is a great thing!

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Could your Kiddo Benefit from our herbal drops?

Katie Says:
My oldest son is 12 and he struggles daily with severe ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and ODD. As a mom it breaks my heart because I just want him to feel ok and be accepted. I tried homeschooling, he has been kicked out of youth group, and the school he was attending just wanted to call me everyday to pick him up. He now is attending a behavioral school that transports him to and from school everyday. We have changed some of his meds 3 times in last month. Geovani has had severe reactions to medication changes so this just intensifies his anxiety. He has a therapy dog, a therapist, and we have done BHIS. He was placed in a PMIC facility years ago to get him on the right medication. We go see his psychiatrist usually every week to adjust medications. After this last week and another pill being prescribed, it was my breaking point watching him argue with the doctor he was not taking any new medication. Today marks his 5th day taking the oil and it is such a difference. The first night he slept all night without yelling and talking in his sleep. This was the first weekend I have enjoyed in months. I know that sounds like a horrible mother, but I couldn’t wait for Monday. As a single mom of four it gets stressful enough, but to add the intense behaviors on top of it. I would spend part of my day crying because I felt bad for my other children and I felt bad for him. He would fight with the kids and make every family activity a challenge. The worst part about your child having struggles and behaviors is knowing people don’t take the time to think that the Child doesn’t like acting this way. It is not that I am a horrible mother and he has no discipline. He is automatically judged as the “naughty kid” by teachers, police officers, and other parents. He woke up this morning asking for his oil first thing. There was not a single fight, nor did he curse (which is a huge problem). His doctor will admit Geovani is one of the most challenging cases. I was approached about different treatments such as “rewiring of the brain” with a program that Iowa City uses quite often. I wasn’t interested nor did I feel that was the answer. I didn’t know what the answer was. I now see my son again the helpful, happy, sarcastic, and loving boy. He doesn’t seem angry and nervous all day…These drops haven’t just helped Geovani, they have given my other 3 children hope that life is getting easier and that our Geovani is back.

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Hempworx and Children, what an amazing testimony

Lynda Shares her son’s awesome testimony with HempWorx 750
8 drops twice a day. This just melts my heart to see this xo

Cruz suffers with a disorder called anxious attachment disorder it causes high anxiety hyperactivity ADD like symptoms he is constantly worried about everything he was never relaxed had a hard time making friends and was behind is most school curriculum activities , we started CBD oil 8 weeks ago , we have seen a huge difference in his behaviour he is happy no hyperactivity no melt downs he can concentrate he can go places now and not worry constantly about everything around him we can finally see the beautiful boy l always knew was in there!! Hes pediatrician was amazed at his turn around and didnt feel the need to see him again unless at school. Cruz also had kidney failure in march last year we have our specialist app in feb l will be si interested to see the results that come back for that , all in all CBD gets a big thumbs up from us and will be continuing this treatment for my baby 😀😀😀😀
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