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We also have a pet line 🙂 our 250mg bacon flavoured oil and our dog cookies as well.  My guys love them both and take our oil regularly. Here are some of my customer’s testimonies with there furbabies 🙂 


From Janna!
UPDATE!! On Lily’s tumour…..

In two and a half weeks it has shrunk another 1/2 inch across!! It is now 5 inches across and still 4 1/2 inches top to bottom. Little by little Hempworx Pet CBD oil is shrinking our Dogs tumor!! I’m so excited for her and us!! This product is soooo amazing! 🐾💚🐾💚🐾💚🐾

Pet HempWorx CBD oil is pure full spectrum CBD extracted from hemp plants grown in the USA organically without pesticides or chemicals. It is not mixed with ANY fillers or other ingredients. Just pure CBD goodness for your fur baby. Good for dogs and cats. 1 bottle contains 1000 drops for $39 or 2 for $69.

Margaret shares her pets results 🙂

“Testimonial about our beautiful Pomeranian
Kody has always been anxious and it is bewildering to us as we have had her from 10 weeks of age and nothing has ever happened to her. I tried the rescue remedy and it did not work for her. The vet said they could prescribe an anti depressant but I was not keen, then into our world came the CBD oil for pets, what a change!! We went to Melbourne for Christmas and a friend looked after her and she said she could not believe the change, Kody stays with them whenever we go away and she said this time it was amazing how calm Kody was and she ate all her meals instead of not feeding for up to 5 days so it is with this that I reccommend the oil for pets.”

Awww love this update from Jen! 🐶

“Here’s why Walter loves this oil. When he was a baby (before he was rescued) he was abused which caused severe anxiety and diarrhea. He also developed osteochondrosis which is common in giant breeds but incredibly painful. After the prescribed meds didn’t work, I started him on the oil..Not only did the anxiety and diarrhea clear up within an hour but I was able to avoid an emergency double arthroscopic surgery! If you have a pet with arthritis, anxiety, hip dysplasia, hot spots, skin issues/allergies or anything else…Please start them on this oil, it’s literally helping people and pets live pain free!!”

I am thrilled for Brenda and her fur baby – she said …
I posted a testimonial for myself recently but now I’m posting one for my German Shepherd. I’ve had her 5 yrs and she has always itched and scratched. She’s been to vets, tried prescription meds that only give temporary relief, we’ve switched foods, tried supplements. I feel like we’ve tried it all.
I started giving her some of my cbd oil about 2 weeks ago and sitting here tonight I just realized that I never see her scratching anymore which, in turn, also cuts down on the shedding. I am loving this cbd oil 
Wow!!! Help your pet out – try our 250 mg CBD Oil made especially for pets

My Boxer Brutus has inflammation in his joints and I can’t tell you how much our HempWorx Pet CBD Oil and CBD Cookies have helped him . I would highly recommend giving them a shot if your fur-baby is suffering .💯💕🐾

Here is zoey. She thinks that she is my biological daughter & has severe separation anxiety when I’m away from her. She really adds stress to my day and I’m in chiropractic school. Truly thinking it’s too good to be true, I am happy to announce a calm dog. No more separation anxiety now that I give her cbd oil for pets. It’s bacon flavored and she loves it!! My mom was right as always😂

Our dog broke her left hip when she was a puppy. We had it repaired and she was great for a long time. Recently, however, she began holding her right leg when she walked. We started giving her the oil twice per day and while it’s in her system, she walks and runs normally!

During this time of year when it’s cold outside she seems to be in more discomfort, so we’ve upped it to 3x per day and that’s great. Some days we don’t have to give her any at all and she walks normally.

This is such a relief because she is a beloved family pet that we cannot imagine not having and she’s not even 2 years old yet, so this will help her quality of life tremendously!!!

These are only a few of the amazing testimonies I receive daily from happy customers seeing their babies better again 🙂 I love what HempWorx is doing not only for people but for animals as well 🙂 Try your furbaby with our oil 🙂 A bag has 33 large cookies the oil will last up to 6 months $39 each or 2 for $69 Click on the picture below to order yours today 

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Benefits of Giving CBD Oil to Pets and Dogs

CBD Benefits Dogs in the Same Way as People Suggests Research

CBD oil, also known as hemp oil, is made from extracts of Cannabis. CBD Oil is often used by people to address pain caused by chronic illnesses. CBD is a compound found in Cannabis plants. Unlike THC (the psychoactive compound found in Cannabis), CBD does not show psychoactive properties. Hence, your typical CBD oil is free from THC and is mostly manufactured from Hemp and not Marijuana. Just like humans, research has shown that CBD oil can have beneficial effects on dogs. Mentioned below are some of the potential benefits of treating your dog with CBD oil:

  • Provides relaxation without intoxication As mentioned above, CBD oil is free from THC and hence does not provide the “high” most people associate with Cannabis. It does, however, relax the body and can help your pet calm down without getting intoxicated. This is especially helpful if your pet has been disturbed by something in an unknown environment or is feeling incredibly anxious among new people.
  • Helps with anxiety and phobias- Your dog can suffer from certain phobias or have separation anxiety. It has been found that CBD oil can be effective for dealing with stress and panic. As per a study conducted in 2010, CBD oil can help deal with anxiety attacks in public places if your dog is shy or can help him/her sleep at night.
  • Treatment of acute illnesses- It has been found by vets that CBD oil is effective in the treatment of acute conditions like sprains, muscle strain, torn ligaments, bone fractures, and so on. It has also been effective in treating post-operative pain and reduces swellings and stiffness. Animal studies have shown that CBD oil can help in the prevention of colitis (Inflammatory bowel disease).
  • CBD reduces pain- CBD is actually being considered as a serious pain-relieving medication and is under further research. CBD is extremely effective for dealing with nerve-related pains and inflammations. For dogs, it has been known to help with pains due to intestinal inflammations and pancreatitis. This study published in the European Journal of pain used animal models to better understand its pain-relieving properties, especially those caused by arthritis and inflammations.
  • CBD oil can help with neurodegenerative conditions- CBD Oil has been known to protect the nervous system and help dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy. CBD has shown great results in dealing with spine and nerve-related conditions. CBD oil has also shown beneficial effects on older dogs by protecting their brains from toxicity. See this study for more details.
  • CBD helps with appetite and nausea- If your pet dog is struggling to eat or is having a hard time keeping his/her food down, then CBD might be of help here. It has been reported by the National Cancer Institute that CBD helps in increasing appetite and can be of immense help in maintaining your dog’s appetite during illness.
  • CBD helps in improving cardiovascular health- Studies have shown a direct link between CBD and heart health. CBD can help in dealing with injuries from damaged blood vessels and help control irregular heart rates. It can dilate blood vessels to help with pain associated with stress and anxiety.

CBD oil is a safe way to provide your dog supplement and medication. Since it is THC-free and mostly made from hemp, it is legal in all the 50 states in the United States for dogs and humans. CBD has shown very limited to no side effects and the studies are currently being conducted to understand its benefits better. It can be a useful herb for your pet during stressful times. However, before giving your dog a dosage of CBD oil, verify the originality and contents of the product. Make sure that the product is organic and is free from additives.

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HempWorx has a NEW Product line for Pets

Hempworx Just Came Out With Some New Products For Your PETS!!

Yes, your pets can benefit from CBD Oil as well. See chart below for what it can do to better improve your furbabies health.

CBD Oil that’s bacon flavored for cats and dogs. 250mg and also dog treats that have 2.5mg of CBD per cookie. 33 cookies per bag. 🐶🐱

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HempWorx Pet line Review

The other day I got a package in the mail, it was out Hempworx Cookies and CBD oil for Pets. I think they are a hit lol. My little chihuahua the cookies were too big for him, but he loves the oil. We did a video and well this was the reaction from our FurBabies 😀 This was the first time they have ever had them

We Have 2 new products for Pets the Cookies and the 250mg CBD bacon flavored oil Get them on my website at