Are you FREE?

Nobody is truly free, until they no longer have a need to impress people ~Joyce Meyer~

Don’t waste your life trying to impress people to be happy, you will never be free if you do, as the longer you try to impress others the more unhappy you will be. Think of Jesus, he never cared what other thought of him, He went about doing his work and not giving a care to what others thought, He knew what He was doing was RIGHT and that was preaching God’s word. Being a people pleaser will only hurt you, as the more you try to please and impress the more you get hurt, OH dont I know this one, I tried for YEARS to please certain ones in my life and I was always so stressed out, I was never happy, until I learned that I DON’T NEED to do this anymore. Not everyone will do what you want them too, not everyone will think the way you do, no one person is the same. Some people live lives full of bitterness and resentment, and you will NEVER be able to please these types of people. Remember that God did not make you to be a doormat, to be used and abused. Is life really worth walking around stressed out and bitter all the time?? YES you can forgive these people but that does not mean you have to have a relationship with them. I have forgiven many people in my lifetime for the pain they caused me, BUT I do not chose to have a relationship with them, because if I do I will be walking down that same path I did before and for me it is NOT WORTH living like that . Sometime you have to accept that people will not change and you can not change them, MOVE ON. I have STOPPED trying to impress people and please them, I know who I am, I know my heart and so does God and that’s what matters <3
Everyone’s attitude belongs to them and nobody can give you a bad or good attitude, that’s your RESPONSIBILITY and your CHOICE to control. If your going to live a life with a bad negative attitude, then your life is going to be filled with anger and bitterness, if you are going to live life with a happy, carefree, content life, then you are going to have a live FULL of Blessings, its your Choice NO ONE elses. What do you Chose??