Jessica’s husband suffered with psoriasis

Jessica’s husband suffered with psoriasis
So I’ve been holding off with our experience until my husband went to his Dr. Today he went and his Dr was super pleased with how much progress he’s had so far! My husband has had psoriasis since we got together 12 years ago but has progressively gotten worse. He’s tried the pills, and the creams. Either they didn’t work at all or they worked for a little but then it would come right back. We were literally at a loss. I am not gonna lie, I was skeptical about this oil. But I was willing to give it a try. The first picture was on March 7th, the second was just a few minutes ago! Totally completely sold! My husband is thrilled and I couldn’t be happier for him!

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Psoriasis and HempWorx CBD Oil

  What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes the rapid buildup of skin cells. This buildup of cells causes scaling on the skin’s surface. Inflammation and redness around the scales are fairly common. It can be very … Continue reading

Psoriasis Under Control

Amazing!!!! Psoriasis Under Control – THANK YOU!
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Suffer from psoriasis? Read this

So my husband Barry has suffered with psoriasis for 6 years, he has to shave his head because it gets so bad. He gets it on his head, his face and elbows. He uses medicated cream to treat it. If he lets his hair grow a little it breaks out so bad. Well about 3 weeks ago he started to use the 500 mg CBD oil and guess what, his psoriasis is totally GONE, no joke he came up to me and showed me his head and said what do you see, I said nothing, he said exactly, I haven’t seen his head this clear in years, SO he is going to try and grow his hair out and see what happens. I am soooo Happy for him he has suffered for so long with this and to see it gone like this is just AMAZING  CBD oil helps with sooo many things, its awesome stuff  Check it out on my website at

Suffer from psoriasis? Read this