Hempworx and Children, what an amazing testimony

Lynda Shares her son’s awesome testimony with HempWorx 750
8 drops twice a day. This just melts my heart to see this xo

Cruz suffers with a disorder called anxious attachment disorder it causes high anxiety hyperactivity ADD like symptoms he is constantly worried about everything he was never relaxed had a hard time making friends and was behind is most school curriculum activities , we started CBD oil 8 weeks ago , we have seen a huge difference in his behaviour he is happy no hyperactivity no melt downs he can concentrate he can go places now and not worry constantly about everything around him we can finally see the beautiful boy l always knew was in there!! Hes pediatrician was amazed at his turn around and didnt feel the need to see him again unless at school. Cruz also had kidney failure in march last year we have our specialist app in feb l will be si interested to see the results that come back for that , all in all CBD gets a big thumbs up from us and will be continuing this treatment for my baby 😀😀😀😀
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Brain Bears By MDC

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