Please do your research and educate your self. I am here to help you

I get people emailing me, messaging and calling me all the time and asking why they are not getting results with the CBD oil they have purchased. I love helping people and I want others to feel better and well My first question is, is it Hempworx? and all the time they say NO. Well for one, I don’t know what you purchased and I am not familiar with what you purchased, 2, check your label and ingredients if it has, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil etc, it is NOT full spectrum like they are advertising they are selling a CBD isolate. Not a full spectrum phytocannabinoid. Our product is 500-750 mg of pure phytocannabinoids. Theirs is an isolated CBD only product that’s added to a “proprietary blend” and sold as “pure”.. they can increase the purity levels (on paper/marketing) because they are only taking 1 part of the plant out while we use the whole plant 🌱 which creates the most potent and powerful effects.
Do a google search on isolate vs full spectrum.
We aren’t even competing with that product as it’s not the same kind. We don’t sell that type of product because it’s scientifically proven to not work as well.
The reason they sell it is because that it’s super cheap to make and easy to market to people who don’t know anything about CBD. Just because it is a higher mg than our oil does not mean it’s going to work. It saddens me because I KNOW that CBD oil works, but people are not educated enough to know the difference, they try it and well it doesn’t work so they won’t try it again   PLZ do your research and educate yourself. Don’t be fooled with a product that says it’s the real thing, not all CBD oils are the same. I educated myself for a YEAR before I got into HempWorx and I am so glad I did 

If you have questions I am happy to help you, feel free to email me at or call me at 1-705-569-4656 or send me a message on here using my buttons, one is FB chat and one is my email. I am happy to help you, I want you to feel better, I KNOW what its like to wake up every morning feeling like crap and I KNOW what its like to live my life again with CBD oil, I have seen my kids blossom with our oil and I am so happy I made the choice a year ago. I truly am here for you

Lisa K Walker

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