My Updated Hempworx oil review

So many have asked me what #CBD oil has done for me, so this is my OWN testimony With what  Hempworx CBD oil and the sprays have done for our family 

Most of you know that I suffer with over all chronic pain, and in my neck due to surgery. I have Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease, restless leg, depression, anxiety, diabetes, High BP and cholesterol. WELL get THIS, I have NOT taken any of my break through narcotics since I have been on the  CBD oil .

I started out with the 500 mg and just got the 750 mg to try and I do notice a huge difference with my pain.  The 500 mg works very good I took it most the summer but for someone who have serve chronic pain I would highly recommend the 750 mg

Barry’s Psoriasis is gone since he started taking CBD and he is growing his hair out, he is so excited because he can brush his hair now   

Tyler and Travis are using the Brain Spray for their cognitive functions – Travis and Tyler both have ADHD and Autism.

Brandon has severe depression and anxiety and is getting relief with our CBD Oil.

We all use the Sleep spray and have never slept better  I sleep like a baby and even if I wake up to go to the bathroom I fall right back asleep again. Barry keeps a bottle beside him on his night stand and when he wakes up he takes 2 squirts and falls right back to sleep, a little trick he has learned and I have recommended this to everyone who has issues falling back asleep. We only use 4 squirts of the spray and we find thats all we need 🙂 recommended is 6. and it will last you over a month 🙂  

HempWorx CBD Oil is helping so many people feel better and gain back their life. One bottle of our CBD oil will last
And I can honestly say that there was NO way I could have worked over the summer without it.  Check it out on my website at

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