Kids are benefiting from HempWorx

I can personally relate to this <3 I have been in this situation with Tyler and Travis.

If you have a child that struggles with behavioral issues, please read this testimonial (sharing with his mom’s permission)

“That sweet boy you see here, that’s our Son Nicholas! When Nicholas was younger he would ALWAYS fight to get ready for the day! Not your typical “I don’t want to” fighting. Screaming, crying, kicking, an awful fit every. Single. Time! Underwear, socks, jeans, certain materials… NO! He wouldn’t do it! As parents, we were FRUSTRATED! Surly this HAD to be a child just being rotten! Right? We were so wrong! I spoke with his PCP two years ago, that’s when things clicked! My little one was diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) this also played a huge roll in certain foods he wouldn’t eat or even TRY!

Fast forward to NOW! 30 Days after Nicholas has been taking Hempworx Full Spectrum CBD Oil! Guys, this mama can’t put things into words!! Life changing sounds cliché! However it’s gave him so much more!!

Nicholas wears underwear EVERYDAY! Nicholas wears socks EVERYDAY (wears them inside out BUT, he wears them!) Nicholas has tired NEW foods! Foods of all sorts of flavors and textures AND he has LIKED everything he’s tried!

To someone who doesn’t have a child with SPD or doesn’t understand SPD, this may not sound like much! To me, I feel like I got my child back! A child that can simply be a CHILD!

There’s NO morning meltdowns before school! There’s no After-school meltdowns! He’s gone from failing all spelling Test to passing spelling test!

Friends, I’m not here to waste your time, or mine! I’m here bc Hempworx offers a PURE CBD Oil that is like no other! For us, this is just ONE of the many things it’s done for our family! It’s because of this little boy, that I’ll CONTINUE to share about CBD!

sages me for help

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