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You will have to bear with me as I am fairly new to this blogging and trying to get a handle of how to use this site and set everything up..lol.. What I want to do is share with you my experience with dealing with my boys and of course it all starts from the beginning right? Well my twins are 18 years old, they have a duel diagnosis of Autism, Intellectual disability, ADHD, OCD and the list goes on, as far as I am concerned its all part and parcel of Autism. Also my soon to be 15 year old has Intellectual disabilities, Psychosis, OCD, PLUS he has Autistic tendencies but no diagnoses of Autism.  I will take you threw our life and how we struggled and triumphed threw it all.  I will also try to post daily things as this is and will be an on going battle for as long as we are able to look after our children.  The twins we know for sure will be with us for the rest of our lives as they are unable to live on there own or hold a job, they are still in school and can be till they are 21 then we will have to look at other resources that are around for them.  They are about at a 8-10 year old level some areas are lower.  Our 15 year old is more advanced than the twins which makes it hard for him as he is almost like the older brother, his future is unknown at this time as he is still young and we hope that he will be able to at least hold a job which I think he will be able to at this point.  It is a everyday challenge and you never know from one day to the next how they will be, behaviors are a part and parcel of Autism and is dealt with daily, medication is a must in our house as with out it we would not be able to control them.  Our boys are bright in many areas, fun loving, funny, happy, they are my life and could never picture a life with out them.

This is a FACT and how I feel as well as my Husband : this has NOT ruined my life, made it difficult or is a curse, I feel that I have been Blessed with these boys, and I was chosen to be there Mother as I would love them UNCONDITIONALLY no matter what, so what they have a disability, so what its on paper and a label, what is on paper does NOT DEFINE WHO these boys are PERIOD.

My frustration with it all is ignorance of people, the lack of understanding, the fighting with the schools, Doctors etc. the finding out what is wrong to be able to HELP your child is the to me what a diagnosis really means, this way you can help get to know what your child is thinking, feeling, the understanding as a whole is what the diagnosis is and then being able to find the right resources to help your child succeed.

So who ever reads my blogs and need to talk, or needs help I am more than willing and happy to to talk to you.  I was there once, when it all started and I UNDERSTAND how difficult it all is.

I am more a Spiritual person, I have taken what I need in what ever Religion I have read about and believe me I have read alot lol but I live by this and it has helped me along the way, its a verse from the bible :


I hope in some way I can help someone who is struggling threw as I know when I first got the diagnosis I felt alone, just know your NOT alone and there are others that are going threw it too 🙂

Have an awesome Day


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