Fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy, Read this amazing testimony

This is why I keep sharing information about HempWorx CBD oil!!  

“Wanted to.share this with y’all🤗🤗

My journey with CBD oil began on October 11th 2017. Before that day I didn’t feel that life if that’s what you call it was worth living…. the pain and loss of quality of life, enjoying it, was not something I looked forward to. Being 63 now 64 I kept thinking there has to be something better than this.

I had spent years TRYING to manage pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis neuropathy and other issues. Had not slept a good night’s sleep in over 4 years. I would be happy if I got 2 hours. Didn’t want to go out didn’t want to see anyone. Felt like I had nothing to offer to anyone including myself and on top of it keeping a stiff upper lip and not showing it to anyone because on the outside everything looked great but inside I was SCREAMING. I would pray for God to do something.

Over the years, since the 90’s, I tried various medications which only resulted in me having multiple side effects. Tried all kinds of supplements and natural products, but deep down my body was crying out for something more. Did all this affect my emotions and mental health….yesssss. I even smoked pot, I will admit that, to try and get some relief but did not want to continue that. I developed macular tangelatasia in both eyes as well.

I took the plunge and ordered my first bottle. When it arrived I thought ok here we go. Took 5 drops of 750mg and went about my day such as it was. Took another 5 drops before going to bed and slept ok. Fast forward a couple of days and wowwwww was going to bed and sleeping THROUGH the night with NO pain, NO restless legs, even waking up once and going back to sleep within one minute or less. I was dreaming for the first time in years which meant I was finally in a good REM sleep. Can I say that I’m 100% pain free? No. Can I say that I am 70% pain free today? YESSS !!! Every day I am seeing the changes in me. My eyes… the disease has been halted and am stabilized. Moles that I’ve had are GONE!!! MY hair is thicker according to my stylist, my nails are stronger no ridges and tips are whiter than before. My blood pressure is down. The migraines that I have had since my 20’s are a thing of the past. I haven’t had one in 3 months. No more binge eating either.

I’m craving a healthier diet and loving my water more and more. I get excited when I notice changes and cannot wait to see and feel what else do.

I look forward to waking each day now. I look forward to seeing the changes in me every day.

Every day is a blessing. God gave us this oil for our benefit.
Why would anyone not want to give it a go.

I’ll finish by saying as I did at the start….this is my journey. This is my continuing journey and I want more of life.”

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