CBD May help your Fur Baby too

🐾🐶Fur baby testimonial from Marie F.

This beautiful little girl came to me with severe OCD. She has literally made herself a little race track outside by tampering down the grass and has spread the rocks right down to the pounded sand…

Our vet, who is also a homeopath, has looked after all the animals we have had and tried several tonics and herbals with her. Some worked, to a degree, and then it was like they wore off, or she built an immunity to them, but then I saw the posts about the CBD and thought, she had nothing to lose.
It’s been a month, and I know that I cannot be without the CBD Oil. I started her on the 500, 2 drops daily, we finally made it to 5 drops daily, anything less and her OCD kicks in big time. She is doing remarkably well, comes when she is called and now can actually sit and wait for her meals…training has been incredible…She is a smart girl.

Now that we have a good portion of her OCD under control, we have a beautiful little girl, who loves cuddles, playtime, and overall is enjoying the life of a happy dog.

If you have tried everything else, and it doesn’t seem to be working…give this CBD oil a try…start low and increment slowly.
I know that CBD Oil has made an incredible difference in this little girls life…

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