CBD helps with Sensory Processing Disorder

A Testimony worth Reading! This just melts my heart reading how CBD is helping everyone 
This is from Ceally in regards to her son Bodhi. I can so relate to this with my boys too they both have Sensory Processing Disorder along with their Autism
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My sons Testimony
This is Bodhi. He is now 5 years old. 💚💙
He loves Play-Doh, Moon sand and plays Outside in the cold mud. Listens to Alternative Rock & Classic Music. Enjoys vintage video games such as PacMan and Super Mario.
I knew Bodhi was unique from birth but when he was 6 months old is when I had my first clue. He had his first MELTDOWN at the city fair.
We couldn’t calm him down. Everything that normally worked, such as feeding him, holding him, changing his diaper, etc! Nothing… until we walked into a quite room then it immediately made him go silent!
From that day forwarded I picked up environmental triggers that would make him spin out of control.
Crowds, loud noises, unfamiliar spaces, smells, sounds that he would immediately shut down. I felt discouraged. Then little things like texture of food, he didn’t like baby food and clothes even would make him have a meltdown!
Every single pre school and daycare would kick him out because of him not being social with kids, refusing to transition, becoming physical even when he didn’t know how to use his words to communicate. He plays by himself often and focuses very hard on one thing at time!
We have had him evaluated twice by the state and I have asked his pediatrician for suggestions. All of them have came back that he IS NOT Autistic or on the Spectrum. That he would develop at his own pace and to continue to work with him.
😕 well than…that gives me no answers
In my heart I knew he is unique. He processes this world in his own way, and it’s causing him anxiety and pain 😣😰😭 you have no idea how painful it is to see your child struggle with normal day to day things. Putting on clothes was like pulling teeth! Teachers treating him like he was to difficult to handle to be apart of group, excluding him from activities or social events because “he cant handle it” 😓
Then a friend of mine who I have been socializing with on Facebook immediately picked up on Bodhi signs. I was explaining to her about the struggles I have encountered with him.
She stopped me and said “Sensory Processing Disorder” she then told me about her daughter and her are to. She showed me online support groups and lots of information on the subject!
😶😶😶😶😶I sat there reading signs and cues and kept going in my head “THATS MY SON!” 🙄
*sign of relief* 😌
The rest is really just tedious details to where we are now!
Wow! So much support and information is out there about this! I am so thankful too!
However, after doing some research on the causes of SPD and the emerging theory that it is the result of too many synapses firing in the brain I decided to try my best to make him comfortable. Due to my background in Holistic Nutrition and owning a Health Food Company Organic Meal Prep LLC; I wanted to try something Natural and what I kept hearing other groups say about CBD oil.
We tried couple brands and one finally had everything right. Quality, price, purity(batch testing) & made here in American 🇺🇸 plus they were 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so essentially it was risk free. I knew if we tried it and didn’t like it we could return it!
I am here to tell you the results are just astounding.
It has been a miracle. Hallelujah 🙏🏽
He has been able to start vocalizing his concerns at school, using his words 🗣. Textures are becoming something fun for him to explore! He no longer fights me on putting socks on! Or PANTS! He wears Jeans😍
We noticed the results the first time we gave it to him.. it was remarkable.
We were getting lots of eye contact.. 😍he sat at the dinner table for the whole dinner.. that was a first! He has continued to use his words instead of thrashing and having meltdowns when he is overly stimulated!
I could go on for days where all the improvements are happening! It has been giving him a quality of life that I have always dreamed for my boy! 🤧
Anyhow.. I am rambling now, and getting emotional.
 Thanks for reading  I’m still learning and Bodhi is too! 💕 but this has been life-changing for him and I’m a proud mama 😍
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9 thoughts on “CBD helps with Sensory Processing Disorder

  1. My son is 6 and weighs 37 pounds because he refuses to eat! He has severe sensory issues with textures! He is not doing well in school and we roo went through testing and testing everyone saying not autism… then the school psychologist did an evaluation and said adhd and completely shut out my suggestion of spd. She didn’t believe it was real and not enough research. During an IEP meeting she tried telling me way to try to get him to eat new foods and such and I just wanted to scream at her! Don’t you think we’ve tried all of these things, don’t you understand that it would be nothing shirt of me scraping my child to the table and force feeding him things…. he doesn’t eat candy cake Mac n cheese pizza….its impossible and we are feeling VERY defeated! Even the doctors have always looked at me like I’m crazy and my kid just is misbehaved and spoiled! I am going to be researching and trying this for sure!

    • AWE, I went through that with my boys when they were younger as well, they refused to eat meat because of the textures, its gotten better over time, I would cut their meat up really small and always reward them if they ate so much of it, not alot but enough for there needs, a reward would be, if you eat this I got chocolate pudding, things like that, it does help, I made it into a game, they are now 23 (twins) and they will eat meat now, bielve it or not they would eat liver because the texture was smooth lol

  2. Hello- My name is Sarah and I have a daughter with tactile SPD. I am trying a CBD oil from a local farm in my area and I started out only give her 3 drops under the tongue in the morning and at night for the first week then increased by one drop per week. We are now up to 7 drops in the morning and 7 at night. We are seeing some improvement but not the wow factor that I had hoped for. I know it takes time, but it’s been 5 weeks now and again not amazing results. I am wondering if I’m giving her too little? I was told to start with 5mg under the tongue, but at the time it seemed too much to me to give a 6 year old, but now I am wondering if I should be giving her more? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah, not sure what to tell you as I don’t know the product you are giving her. 7 drops you should be seeing results and its been 5 weeks. Look at the ingredients, alot of companies say its full spectrum BUT the fact is they put fillers in there oils and its not a true full spectrum cbd oil. Have you looked at our oil? Check it out at http://www.cbdwithlisa.com I give my boys our 500mg and they get 8 drops 2x a day and I have taken them off medication

  3. Hey Lisa, so my daughter has spd very extreme to the point that she wears size 12 when she’s size 6 because she can’t stand wearing clothes. She’s on 6 drops of cdb CTFO 500mg but I see no difference
    It’s been two weeks already
    What do you think ?

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