Cannabis Oil and Erectile Dysfunction

Does Hemp Derived Cannabis Oil have positive effects on Erectile Dysfunction and sexual concerns?

Erectile Dysfunction is an extremely common affliction among men of all ages. It is caused by weakened blood flow and tissue damage. More often than not, this is caused by Dioxins and other chemical toxins in our food and environment. Dioxins and glyphosates run rampant in animal products as well as our grains and our vegetables.
Dioxins are known to cause Erectile Dysfunction and low sperm count. Recent research has shown that CBD oil helps to flush this poison from the body and prevent it from building back up in the fat cells. CBD oil also has been proven to positively stimulate and modulate proper hormone production.
This can help ease sexual dysfunctions such as infertility, impotency, and performance issues.
Natural Cannabinoid Oil is a good route to take due to the fact that pharmaceutical options for ED will often result in scary side effects like the “four-hour erection” or cardiovascular side effects.
With CBD, there is no risk of horrifying and embarrassing side effects.
Now here is where it gets a little complicated – studies have shown that CBD oil alone will help with these things, but isn’t guaranteed if still mixed with THC in marijuana strains. So while many people like the “sexy” feeling they get when they get high with marijuana” the THC seems to be counterproductive when it comes to ED.
Many men have claimed that CBD oil alone will prevent Erectile Dysfunction and boost their performance and endurance, but because of THC’s psychoactive nature, marijuana will have the opposite effect. This is why it is recommended to stick with pure CBD oil like HempWorx if attempting to alleviate sexual health issues. CBD also has a relaxing or anxiolytic effect, which helps men with Erectile Dysfunction caused by anxiety, depression, or other mental blocks.
CBD Oil Trumps Viagra every time!
If you have been struggling with Erectile Dysfunction, but not loving the pharmaceutical alternatives (or their side effects), give CBD oil a chance. Along with the prevention of ED, you may see improvements in other areas of your general health.

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