Abusive Head Trauma Relief

Abusive Head Trauma Relief

I love when he sleeps so peacefully. 5 drops of his CBD oil and his toothbrush and he’s out lol. Hard to tell this kid can destroy any room in a matter of seconds lol

Renee is a friend of mine and is an absolute SAINT!

She adopted Sweet Bradyn, lovingly called Bubs, as an infant. Bubs was shaken as a baby at seven weeks old by his “womb host”. Renee and her family adopted him and his twin brother, and have surrounded him with so much love! But, it can get trying at times with such a disability. She reached out to me to try the CBD oil for him. Let’s see how it’s working for him. Shall we??

“CBD oil update… still sleeping through the night! Didn’t even get up for a drink last night. His temperament seems better.
He did have a meltdown yesterday (I think) after school but gave him some oil and he was better within a few minutes. I forgot to give it to him before school yesterday.”

Even better? Saint Renee is sleeping through the night as well! ❤️❤️

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