If you’ll stay in faith, your dreams will happen sooner than you thought and be bigger than you imagined. That’s the way our God is. ~Joel Osteen~


This one really hit home for me today. I was told this week that my Dad has throat Cancer, we are still waiting for his appointment for the Cancer clinic so we don’t know much about how bad or treatment wise. I was so taken back when he told me (I kind of was not surprised as he has been sick for awhile now) BUT what happened was everything flooded back with what I went threw with my Mom. I was so upset, I needed my Hubby and he was at work, I was going to go find him but I was such a mess I could not drive, I seen the garbage truck and prayed that he was on garbage run that day, as I put on my coat and boots I went out and here he came down the road in the loader. I was so relived to see him, he came in the house for a min and we talked, its funny how God works as I had prayed I needed Barry and there he was <3 I sat by myself that day, in the quiet and thought ok, I cant get worked up, I cant change what is, all I can do is PRAY and HAVE FAITH and put this in God’s hands. Yes my Faith was tested that day, I could have sat and got myself so worked up that I would put myself into a downwards spiral, OR I could Trust in God and put it in His hands as I cant change what is. I wont be bitter, I wont be depressed, I will put it in God’s hands and have FAITH in Him <3 <3 No matter WHAT you are going threw put it in HIm hands and have FAITH <3

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