Easy Instant Pot Yogurt

If you haven’t made Instant pot Yogurt you need to try it 🙂 This is how I do it and it’s SO easy. I made this batch last night 🙂 Yep I set it and go to bed 🙂 Wake up to fresh yogurt!

Instant Pot Yogurt

What you need
4- 2 cup jars
plain yogurt (PLEASE see note at bottom)
milk (I use 2%)
1 cup of water
the rack the that came with the IP

Put the rack in the IP, add 1 cup water.
Pour milk into the jars but not up to the top, just before the first ring that the top screws on.
Place jars on the rack, lock lid in place.
Press the stem button for 1 min.
Let cool natural release take about 20-25 min
Remove the lid and let the jars cool for about 1 hour or till thermometer says 115F Remove the jars from the IP and
Mix 2 heaping teaspoons of yogurt in each jar.
Place jars back into the IP and put lid back on and press the yogurt button. I do mine for 8 hrs, if you like a more tart yogurt then go longer, the longer the incubation period the more tart the yogurt will be. 8-12 hrs
Once done, take out of the IP, put lids on and put it in the fridge. It will get firmer.

You can flavour it with honey, granola, I make a blueberry sauce or another other fruit sauce to go with it 🙂

Note: It’s critical for you to check the ingredients list of the store-bought yogurt when you’re shopping for a yogurt starter. It must have active bacterial cultures for it to work as the yogurt starter. I have used Activa flavored in a pinch. Once you have made your first batch of yogurt, you can use it as your starter when making your next batch.

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