DIY Disinfectant Hand Lotion

So everyone is saying they can’t find hand sanitizer 🤔
Well here is our recipe that comes from our formulator Alexandria Brighton of our amazing products and she also has taught us about infectious disease, I’ve read her book about it and it’s full of amazing information 🙂 I love our essential oils and they work
So on to the recipe

Disinfectant Hand Lotion

What you need
1/2 a cup of your favorite unscented hand lotion
10 drops Eucalyptus Radiata oil
10 drops Tea Tree Oil
5 drops peppermint oil
Mix all together and store in a container. Carry it with you and use it in place of waterless antibacterial hand cleaners.
This is a good anti-infection hand lotion that is cooling and present to smell. And it won’t dry out your hand’s 🙂

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