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Archive for March 2020

DIY Disinfectant Hand Lotion

So everyone is saying they can’t find hand sanitizer 🤔Well here is our recipe that comes from our formulator Alexandria Brighton of our amazing products and she also has taught us about infectious disease, I’ve read her book about it and it’s full of amazing information 🙂 I love our essential oils and they workSo on to the…

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Chocolate Depression Cake

Back in the Depression, a lot of ingredients were hard to come by. Dessert was a treat so people came up with inexpensive ways to make those treats. Well here is one of those recipes 🙂 This cake has No Eggs, No Milk, and No butter, and it’s absolutely delicious! Chocolate Depression Cake What you…

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Oatmeal Cake

I made this tonight and it was sure a hit with the family, it’s an older recipe and one that is loved by many 🙂 Enjoy What you need 1 cup rolled oats1 1⁄4 cups boiling water1⁄2 cup butter or 1/2 cup margarine1 cup granulated sugar1⁄2 brown sugar1 teaspoon vanilla2 eggs1 1⁄2 cups flour1 teaspoon…

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