Have You Tried Black Seed Oil?

Have you tried Black Seed Oil? So many people are loving the Black Seed oil from HBN 🙂 I love hearing what it’s doing for others <3 This is what HBN is all about <3 Helping people <3

Deb: I believe the black seed oil & nourish have helped alleviate the “chemical-induced life-threatening asthma” that I had after a faulty sensor caused my airbag to deploy in 2004 (the propellant in airbags is sodium azide…HIGHLY toxic)…I used to worry about my airways shutting down…haven’t had to use the nebulizer since using the black seed oil (& nourish)

Dee : I had an excruciating pain in my rt arm and was about to go to the emergency room after twisting my arm the wrong way. I had just ordered my hbn products including the black seed extract. I was so grateful it came just in time so I started with just half a dropper for two days and the pain started to go away!! 😍 Oh my word! This stuff is bomb. So glad I saved on a dr bill or from having to dope myself up with meds. No medical claim just my own experience. I keep it real 💯 If it didn’t work I would be the first one to tell it!😀 Get it!! Works for almost everything. Give it time if you have a serious condition. It’s doesn’t take the place of medical conditions you may need to see a doctor for this is an aid to help with what you are suffering with.

Barbara : Torn meniscus, 24 hours later after Black Seed Oil extract 3x a day and Pain cream topical as needed and I can get up and walk with minimal pain and no need for a cane. Going forward the need for multiple servings and or applications of these products got fewer and fewer to a maintenance of 2x a day of BSO and as needed with Pain cream, allowing the healing process to take place with minimal to no pain and normal daily mobility as it got better and better with time.

Deb B: l I LOVE the Black Seed Oil. It helps keep my breathing issue in check and my body seems to almost crave it. Plus, I can tell if I miss a day or 2 taking it.

Julie-Anne : My daughter is completely off all anxiety and depression medication thanks to blackseed extract. 💚 Hbnaturals products

Penny: Using BSO has improved my COPD so much. No more coughing or wheezing, and I mean absolutely none, it’s unbelievable! It’s the end of winter here in Australia, and I haven’t even had a cold, and I used to be very ill, and/or hospitalised with pneumonia every year! Thank you HBN. 💗

Lisa O: Black Seed oil completely manages my Arthritis and Asthma! Its liquid gold!

Hi, my name is Mateya and I take the black seed oil for my inflammation. It works so well for my inflammation and it is helping me with my weight loss regime as well, I find that I don’t crave sugary snacks as much and I love that after I exercise it helps my body to restore quickly. Black Seed Oil Is Awesome💕💕💕

Lewis: I just got my black seed extract in the mail yesterday evening. Yesterday morning I checked my blood sugar, and it was 256! I took 3 drops of the black seed oil and waited about 1-1/2hrs… checked it again, and to my surprise my sugar level was 170!!! I am shocked and amazed! Oh, BTW…. I’m a type two diabetic….. this is my extract for life!!!!

These are only a FEW of the awesome things people are saying about Black Seed oil 🙂 Check it out at http://HBNaturals.com/lisak click on shop at the top to order

No medical claims here… Just real-life experiences

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