If You Got Pain, You Need To Try This

HBN has an amazing pain cream that is magnesium-based, with amazing essential oils, it not only works, but it also smells amazing!

So many people are getting relief with our Pain Cream! Here are what people are saying after they tried it. It’s affordable and I use it daily myself, I love it!!

Kimberly Says : I love the Pain Magnesium Lotion. This pain cream is the real deal !! I have arthritis in my back and hands and I have been searching for a lotion to help me (I have a drawer full of “pain” lotions that do not work) BUT HBN Pain Magnesium Lotion works, it works quickly, it takes away the pain and inflammation and I don’t hurt anymore. I love that it’s not greasy, like so many, I love the smell, and I love that within minutes I have relief. I highly recommend it !!! It’s a must-have product in this house.

Wendy Says: I have restless leg and leg cramps every night and since I purchased Pain Magnesium Cream and I use it every night. No more pain or restless leg. I also use the Sleep Magnesium Cream as I have not slept through the night for years. With using both creams now I sleep the night with ease. I love this cream and I will never be without it.  It has made my life so much better because now I’m not always feeling tired. This stuff WORKS!!!!

Marlene Says: I got my first HBN order a few days ago. This is my personal testimony. I absolutely love these products, Especially the Pain Magnesium Lotion. I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy so I hurt all over. At night my legs are restless and I cramp so bad I can’t sleep. I rub a little of the pain cream on my legs and feet before I go to sleep. Normally I would only get a few hours of sleep, now I sleep a good 8 hours without waking up once. My husband has a lot of neck and back pain. We were using a CBD pain cream, he says the magnesium pain cream works better, lasts longer and it’s twice the size and less money. <3 I also have brain fog so I use the Focus essential oil blend. I put one drop on each temple and the back of my neck. It really helps me with staying on task, concentration, memory and it also helps you tap into using the left side of your brain. The Sesso Dolce, I’ll just say WOW. LOL, It’s an all-natural essential oil blend and intimacy enhancer but what caught my attention was how it helps with menopausal symptoms. Night sweats, balancing hormones, dryness, etc. My husband loves it too.  I’m not making any medical claims, just my own personal experience.

Tori Says : I’ve tried so many potions and lotions topically for pain and this one… well, EVERY home needs to have this on hand for SO many issues!!! My daughter called last night had terrible period cramps. I told her to grab my Pain cream and rub it on her tummy.. it worked in about 15 minutes.. saved her from taking an over the counter pain medication!

Gina Says : I just got this Pain cream Friday and tried it on my mom over the weekend and she was AMAZED!! I applied a little on her lower back for her pain and she felt better within a short while. I broke my ankle about 7 years ago and it’s been bothering me since I’ve been working out on a regular basis. Applied a little on my ankle last night and this morning. Here it is 2:44pm and it still feels good!! * I’m not making any medical claims but it’s working for me!*

Get Your Pain Cream at http://HBNaturals.com/lisak click on shop to order first-time customers also get an automatic 5% discount 🙂

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