I’m no longer an affiliate with my daily choice/HempWorx

I was honestly ready to give up in doing theses business , so many things have happened that I was not happy with anymore. Since February 14, I have been with a company that has over 200 all natural products that work. I left mdc/hw for many many reasons, one is that I found better products that work for my family and I and also I have a lot of customers who have tried these products and are having amazing success 😊 I wanted a company that for one, cared about their affiliates and are their to help them no matter what rank they are at with the company and for 2 had products for all different things and not just a CBD company. And I finally found one, I can call home❤️ I have in this short time have helped so many people with weight issues, sleep issues, pain issues, anxiety issues and much more. I am truly blessed to be an amazing part of this company and the products they have to offer are absolutely amazing. I know the owner of HBN and she is a very very warm and caring person. She truly cares for each and everyone of us ❤️

I have been on their weight loss program for a week and a half and I have lost 5lbs, and I feel amazing, I use the sleep cream, pain cream and magnesium drops that have all made my pain disappear, I’ve tried many products over the years to try to control my weight and help my pain and I am happy to say I have found it. I will be happy to answer any questions if you have them ❤️ All I want to do is help people feel better in life and help people succeed as well. For more information you can visit my website at http://hbnaturals.com/lisak and if your interest in joining my team of over 2000 people check our the opportunity it’s Free to join and we are having fun again ❤️ thank you for taking the time and reading this post. You will be seeing some amazing products I will be blogging about soon.

Hugs and Love as always

Lisa 🥰
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Lisa Walker

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