Do you suffer with an Iron deficiency

I LOVE this Kimberly shares : We take our bodies health for granted or in my case, I really have😏

I was diagnosed with anemia 5 years ago and I took it for granted… maybe it was because of the iron making me so sick that I quit taking it.

👉🏻I have experienced
👉🏻Hair loss
👉🏻I bruise easily
👉🏻Chronic headaches
👉🏻Zero energy
👉🏻unexplained anxiety
👉🏻horrible PMS
And of course I have gone through every test and all I hear is you’re perfectly healthy….

Then why do I NOT feel healthy?!?!?

So it leads you to take your health into your own hands.

I feel like I can finally work out again

I feel normal

I can’t take iron pills because every time I do they make me seriously 😷 sick

So I started taking Iron be strong oral liquid…

I don’t get sick and I seriously feel HUMAN again!!

Moral of my story

Listen to your body and listen to your intuition

Doctors don’t always have the answers

Natural is and always WILL work because plants HEAL the BODY 🍃🍃🍃🍃

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