Oh this is so VERY VERY true, Just this week, I had an appointment to do some paper work for my youngest Son, and its really important paperwork that needs to be done, I drove all the way to the appointment for the lady to be a NO SHOW, and not the first time this has happened, I was so angry and disappointed. I drove over to see my other 2 boys worker and in suprise, she offered that Brandon come into her program that has an awesome psychiatrist attached with it, SEE how things work out, I was SOOO upset at the time I never stopped to think that REALLY God does know how to make it all work out, If I never had went over there and vented my frustration I would have never known this opportunity would have came <3 Remember when one door closes another always opens <3 And I will admit it did take me sometime to stop and think about this, I was so caught up in the anger and disappointment at the time, I myself need to STOP doing this and TRUST that everything will work out, it the RIGHT time <3
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