Oh this is SO VERY TRUE. How many times has something not worked out to your liking?? You may not understand it at the time, or why it has happened, you need to keep moving forward and trust that you are in the right place, and don’t let bitterness take root, you will come to a place in the future that will put all the pieces together, and then it will all make sense. We have all been through some uncomfortable times, questionable time, the things that make you really say WHY. I can relate to this, being told you have 3 special needs kids has not been an easy road, BUT I accepted it and kept moving on, I had to and YES I had days when I cried out WHY, But I kept moving thru it, the reward is I have 3 beautiful, young men, who are smart, funny loving, compassionate, PLUS I have learned a lot, and I am a much STRONGER person because of it, when one door closed another ALWAYS opened, in the perfect timing that God has planned for us, I know that a hard one the waiting, But KEEP GOING. God REALLY DOES HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU <3
But here is the Key: When you go through loss, disappointment, hurtful times, DON’T STOP. Keep Moving forward, DON’T turn to bitterness, resentment, anger, KEEP GOING, BUT you have to be WILLING to walk into it as there is always a Reason for every season. And Remember your story, your situation always ends in Victory <3 <3
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