Do you know that our WORDS have creative power, whenever we speak something either good or bad we give life to what we are saying. There are so many people who say negative things about themselves, about there families or friends or there futures. When you speak negative your prophesying your future. DONT do that, you need to start sending your words out in the direction YOU want your life to go. Declare i EVERYDAY, each time you find yourself thinking or getting ready to say those negative things ZIP IT and STOP speaking about failure over your life, turn it around and speak FAVOR into your Future.
Declare it:
I’m Blessed
I’m Healthy
I’m Strong
I’m Beautiful/Handsome
I’m Valuable
I’m talented
I’m Smart
I AM going to lose weight
Today IS going to be an AWESOME DAY
SEE it and Believe it, by saying these things you can LITERALLY help lift your spirits and cause you to see yourself and your circumstances in a a whole new light <3

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