Whether you have a lot or a little, whether it’s new or old, take pride in what you have.” Joel Osteen
..You know we go through life thinking If I had this.. I would be happy or if I could do this everything would be okay…or I have even heard people say well I am not cleaning this old piece of junk…if I had a new one I would take care of it…WRONG.. BE GRATEFUL for What You have right now.. cause I promise you things can change in an instant and what you think is so bad can be gone and you can end up with something a lot worse or even nothing at all…some may have what you look at and think OMG they have it all… but I am here to tell you $$$ and the best of everything does not buy happiness…some of the riches people live with nothing..old rags and broken down belongings…but they are rich because they have heart and they have seen what this world is about….its not about a BIG fancy house or a shiny new car..its about helping others.. being happy and spreading the Love of God. Money can not buy everything, it CAN NOT BUY, Love, happiness, gratefulness, contentment, Be Grateful where you are in life, Be happy and content, Look at the Blessing you have around you, I am sure there are many. STOP wishing you had other things and LOOK around you at what you DO have <3
YES I have had some hard knocks throughout my life, BUT I have FINALLY learned what life is all about… Be PRIDEFUL with what you have and be GRATEFUL ALways <3 <3

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