“No matter how big or powerful an enemy looks. There is a force in you that is more powerful than any opposition. Refuse to give up.” Joel Osteen
Have Faith….when you look at a situation…don’t look at the whole big picture ..see if you can break it down into steps.. set small goals…keep charts, mark off accomplishments and Know that you were made to excel…don’t let negative thoughts keep you down…surround yourself with positive influences ..I know we live in a society where that is harder but it can be done… 99% of the time…I myself listen to positive music .. I surround myself with Positive people, I have gotten rid of people who bring in the negativity in my life, I have NO room for them or the negativity they bring. You know I honestly don’t watch the news …I do have a couple of shows I like but they are positive…the media is so caught up on negative because that is what they feel gets ratings…. all the bad…and thats opening the door for negativity and in our homes and minds… protect yourself from the negative… Have Faith…know you are special and refuse to fall and refuse to give up… YOU GOT THIS <3
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