You know I listen and read to some many people, and I think WHY are you sweating the small stuff in life??
Do you know that by complaining about everything is making you so VERY bitter? I use to be like that, all the small thing drove me NUTS, but you know what, it also stole my joy as well, now that I look back it was stupid things, the kids not doing something the way I did it, filling the dishwasher, putting things away ETC.. yep you know what I am talking about, and you know what all those little things are making you not able to enjoy life at all, bc all your doing is complaining about the “SMALL STUFF”, is it really that important because the kids or your spouse may not have put something in the right spot? Or they forgot to put their plate in the dishwasher? STOP and think about it…is it REALLY that important? NO its not, and all its doing is stressing you out and making you miserable and everyone else around you feels the negativity coming off you, its like POISON. You know you CAN change that, does not mean you dont care, BUT dont make your life a living hell because of all the little things. Take a step back and look at what its doing to you and the ones around you. Then take Baby steps to helping yourself to NOT SWEAT THE SMALL things in life. Life is to be ENJOYED, not live it in misery
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