“We are not all alike, but we are all equally valuable!” Joyce Meyers
I am gonna use the example…..I talk to everyone, no matter what, this is one example that popped into my mind, I do have many but this one sticks,
I remember years ago talking to a woman ,…she didn’t “LOOK” like what most people would talk to…she was dirty looking..bad teeth…stringy hair… talked odd and moved her hands weird…she had a couple of gals… everyone in our complex where we lived were all being stand offish and some of them quite rude… well I started talking to her and had a great conversation…after a few days of talking with her you know “our crowd are like what the world Lisa .. why would you talk to her.. I was like guys…she is just like us.. she has Heart with feelings…STOP judging….can you tell me how there reaction would have been if she had looked like a runway model and walked up… they would have been all about talking to her…That is SO sad..Do you know I ended up being a friend to her and helping her, she had a lot of problems, Physically, emotionally and mentally and needed help, someone to be there for her..So what she was not like the average person, Beauty is not what is important.. its what is inside that makes a person… and even at that its not our place to judge them… we are to treat everyone with value….ya never know just who you may be talking to
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