The dangers of Aspartame Please Read

I am almost off completely!!!
Do you drink Diet Sodas, use artificial sweeteners, Drink Flavored Water, Chew Sugar Free Gum????????????? You ARE POISONING yourself!!!!

ASPARTAME may TRIGGER, MIMIC, or CAUSE the following illnesses:
•Alzheimer’s Disease
•Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•EMS (Esosinophilia-myalgia syndrome) swelling & thickening of the skin & fascia – severe inflammation
•Grave’s Disease
•Lyme Disease
•Meniere’s Disease
•Mercury sensitivity from Amalgam fillings
•Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
•Post-Polio Syndrome

These are not allergies or sensitivities, but diseases and disease syndromes. Aspartame poisoning is commonly misdiagnosed because aspartame symptoms mock textbook ‘disease’ symptoms, such as Grave’s Disease.

Aspartame changes the ratio of amino acids in the blood, blocking or lowering the levels of serotonin, tyrosine, dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. Therefore, it is typical that aspartame symptoms cannot be detected in lab tests and on x-rays. Textbook disorders and diseases may actually be a toxic load as a result of aspartame poisoning.

Ever gone to the doctor with real, physical symptoms, but he/she can’t find the cause? Well, it’s probably your diet, your environment, or both.

Aspartame is the common denominator for over 92 different health symptoms at the root of modern disease. Detoxifying from Aspartame demonstrates the most effective way to reverse disease symptoms is removing the underlying cause – aspartame.

Nine out of 10 clients restore their health by following the regimen below for detoxifying from Aspartame. Begin with detoxifying your body of all residual chemical toxins from aspartame’s chemical make up of phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol and their toxic by-products, and see if any adverse health symptoms remain. Try the regimen to detoxify from Aspartame, and within 30 days your symptoms should disappear.

Steps to DETOXIFY your body:
•Remove all sugar-free products with aspartame from your diet.
•Learn to ‘read’ your body. Begin recording any health changes.
•Be happy with yourself.
•Restore depleted nutrients.
•Exercise and get plenty of rest.
•Eat 75% raw foods at every meal.
•Drink water, water, lots of purified water.
•Get control of your life.

SHARE THIS INFORMATION IMMEDIATELY with Family/Friends who eat/drink/chew any products that contain Aspartame!!!

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