Bullying is UNACCEPTABLE, Will you speak up?

Bullying is not just “kids being kids”. It can have a damaging impact on children, families and communities. Bullying is a problem that happens at school, after school and in the community. As an adult, I know I can help in a few specific ways. Here is my pledge:

I will speak up — I will take a stand about this issue, even before it touches my friends and family, so everyone knows I take it seriously.
I will advocate — I will advocate for children, both my own and others, in need of my help. I will find ways to support the creation of safe school environments and encourage the young people in my life to find healthy ways to express their feelings.
I will be a positive role model — I will help young people learn how to handle conflicts by setting the standard with my own behaviour and reinforcing it with my child. I will treat others with respect.
I will be a partner — I will work with schools, parents, caretakers, coaches, community agencies and others to help stop bullying and create safe school environments for all young people, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.
Bullying can make kids feel invisible. As adults in their lives, we can help to show them, through our actions, that we see them and that we are here to listen. We can also show them that we take bullying seriously and that we are here to help make things better, and to support them in whatever ways they need. Taking this pledge is the first step, so I will forward it to my friends and family to help grow a community committed to ending bullying. I will speak up.FacebookTwitterPinterest0LinkedInWordPressPrintFriendlyPrintKindle ItEmailShare

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Lisa Walker

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