Well yesterday was the first day of Spring… I was so excited and happy, even though it was snowing aghh, I am very tired of winter. I don’t think I will see and crocuses till about June here lol hopefully by the END of May.  We spent the day “spring cleaning”. OMG the kids rooms and down stairs was a complete disaster, it really looks like a HUGE tornado went threw, for some unknown reason, Tyler has taken all the blankets out of the closet, I now have a mountain of laundry to do, good grief, I asked him when he came home form school why, and he said because I was cold, well did you ever think to use the ones you already had out, but no he went and got more, so now Mom has to wash them all, “sigh”.

So we went threw and I did as much as I could, thank god for Barry, he did an awesome job, but still we have to tackle Tyler and Travis’s room today, they said they “cleaned it up” well there idea is stuffing it all under the bed, out of sight out of mind, I told them they had to clean under there beds too, so as we rested after supper we could hear the furniture moving around, I have yet to go down and look, I will admit I am a bit frightened what I might find LOL.. they try, so today is CLEAN OUT THE CLUTTER DAY!!!

And once we do it all, we shall see how long they keep it clean, I will have to be on them everyday about it, but I know they do try.

I feel good, everything is coming together for them, we have Brandon set up with the Early psychosis program and I am yet waiting to hear back for the Twins with the developmental program, I am very happy right now as we have finally got these things going and I know we have a good support team for them. Makes life a lot easier when things come together, its a BIG load off that’s for sure.

So wish me luck as I travel to the unknown of Tyler and Travis’s bedroom LOL.

Have an awesome day everyone 

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