WOW sorry everyone its been a crazy few months

Well what a few months I have had. Life in our house is never boring that’s for sure, I have been so frustrated and stressed to the max. So I will tell you what has been going on.

SO it started with myself and well my bladder issues, I get chronic bladder infections, it started with a x-ray of my kidneys and bladder, well they found out I have one kidney bigger than the other and a huge scythe on my right ovary, so then it starts with a trip to the pee pee Dr (that what I call him) and an appointment to see a gynecologist which is scheduled for next week. So my first visit to the pee pee dr is to talk about what going on, he then wants to do this test on me called a cystoscopy, done in the OR your awake with freezing. The insert a camera to look at your kidneys and bladder. So mean while I am going through this we are having big time behavior problems with our youngest son. Calls from school and his emotions are all over the map. He is so unpredictable, they have upped his med in hopes to help.

So i go to the appointment and let me tell you I had no idea what to expect, all I kept thinking was OMG they are going to put a needle down there to freeze it LOL.. THANK GOD that did not happen, they put freezing in there with a syringe and then go in with the camera while they pump your bladder full, and of course on the way to the hospital for this appointment i get a call from the school, he is acting up again, great well I don’t really have time for this. So I get to the OR, he goes is and finds that i have a duplex left collecting system, plus the possibility of having urethral reflux, which I went for another test for that one. I will find out tomorrow as I go to see the pee pee dr to discuss with him what is going on and what my options are, oh at to add to that my urine incontinence is back. Ok so that one thing out there, now back to my son, we have been having some issues with him for some time, we know he is developmentally challenged, with mixed receptive and expressive disorder, major depression, psychosis NOS (not other wise specified) which I think that was given to him as the dr in the hospital did not know what was really going on. So to back it up a bit, since last January we have been having some problems (I hate using that word, but I don’t know how else to say it). We found out that he had been cutting himself for 2 years, he was suicidal, then the voices started and things kind of got worse from there. Then he was hospitalized for 7 days.

So last week we find out that he has been smoking pot. He tries so hard to fit in, and the fact that he is so easily talked into doing something scares the hell out of me, and the fact because of his mental illness he has a hard time with his though pattern, as it impair the way he thinks. He has such a difficult time with so many things and smoking pot will only make things worse for him as it can send him to another psychotic episode. So he was suspended for a week because he was caught at school. Aghhh.. he is such a good boy, he is caring, helpful, thoughtful, it so saddens me to see all this happening to him.

So yesterday we FINALLY got into see a physicist for him we had been refund to a program called Early Intervention to psychosis, and along with this program is a Physicist attached, and we had a good long talk, he said that he feels he is between schizophrenia and bi polar disorder, so we have changed his meds around to help with his moods, and sleep and we see him again in a months time. So this is where i am at, dealing with my son, dealing with my health issues and all the appointments that come with it. I still have more tests to go through, more doctors appointments to find out whats going on with myself. I told Barry that I wish they could just scan my whole body and fix it all at once LOL.. We will get through it as we always do, Barry and I have such a strong relationship and we have been through so much already that I feel we can get through anything. 🙂

Again I do apologize to all my readers for talking such a long time to blog again, I will try harder to blog more often. I should be as I can get it all out there when I do.

Have an awesome day everyone


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