Well its Saturday :)

Its the weekend.. the kids are home, my house looks like a tornado went threw it, and the kids have a PA day on Monday. The boys try but they miss steps in between, and it goes like this, get cereal, get bowl, pour cereal ( some falls on the floor) get the milk, spill it while pouring it into the bowl, walk to the table while spilling the cereal, then eat the cereal while spilling on the table, then leaving and well the mess is there, to get them to clean it up you have to literally stay with them and make sure it gets done right, as this is with everything they attempt to do “sign” they try. So my weekends I get to sleep in but when I wake up the kitchen is a mess the table is a mess, and I look at it all and get over whelmed, they try. You should see there bedroom OMG so this weekend will be helping them get things back to clean and organized, I know they try, lol see I keeping saying that so I don’t get frustrated, as we walk threw the steps on HOW to keep our rooms clean and to clean up after ourselves, its the same as I have done before and my hope is that one day it will all of a sudden click in…. I try lol

I will blog more about how it all began next week as its easier to concentrate when its quit and no interruptions as I have to think back.

Enjoy your weekend, we are going to have supper at our best friends tonight and have a relaxing time in the hot tub ahhhh I cant wait 🙂
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