The Start of a new life

Well I am going to take you back to the beginning of it all. December of 1993 at our Christmas Party on my Mothers side, we had decided to get pregnant and well it happened quicker than we could imagine, and no it did not happen at the Christmas party LOL.. Well here I am holding my cousins little one and realized I was late. I looked at Barry and said, hey I think I am a day late. Well turned out I was a week late, so did the test and to our surprise…. yep you guessed it I was pregnant. We were ecstatic, married in August and decided in November to start trying and here we are in December and I am already pregnant, well that didn’t take long. So as things progressed, I felt great with the morning sickness, and why do they call it that, I was always sick at night. But I felt great other than showing very quick, which I summed it up to because I was small. So of course I got the jokes about, oh maybe your having twins, I laughed at the thought and continued on. We lived in Embro, Ontario at the tiem and I worked in a little restaurant there and life was going as planned.

February 1994 came and at one of my Dr appointment he suggested that we do an ultra sound as I was big and he wanted to make sure that the due date was correct. We scheduled the appointment and of course the teasing continued as no one get an ultra sound that early.

Appointment date arrived and off we went to Woodstock, full bladder and hubby driving and excited, we get there and she makes him wait in the waiting area, I was nervous and so wanted him to be with me but she said no and he can come in later. She gets ready put the thing on me and what I see was 2 little round things, I am thinking oh boy, babies don’t have 2 little round things YET, I look at her and say, that’s not 2 heads is it? She says well and turns the screen, changed the image and I see not one BUT 2 babies. Well I laughed and cried and said OK can Barry come in NOW. She laugh sand goes and gets him. Well he walks in takes one look at me and KNOWS there is something up, and I blurt out OMG there is 2 babies in there WELL poor Barry looks at the technician and says : “she cant do this” the lady looks at him and says Well she is and she can. So I am Pregnant with not one but two TWO babies, and remember this is February and the said due date is the end of August.

So time goes on, I grow huge eat a TON, the cravings are olives and Trisket crackers and Mc Donalds Big Macs my best restaurants are the ones who offer all you can eat, as we really get our money’s worth, I have never ate so much in my life when I was pregnant with the twins, eating for 3 now not just one.

Well this is all for today, will write more tomorrow as now the story gets very interesting 🙂
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