And So it begins

We will jump now to May 24 weekend, I was not feeling so well and decided to have a nap. Upon awakening I went outside as Barry was working in the flower beds, still not feeling well I am trying to enjoy all the work he has done but not happening, I tell him how I feel and decide to call the specialist now in charge of following the pregnancy, I am having no pain just my tummy keeps tightening. So I call him and as we are talking I get the tightening again, he says I think you better come in, meet me at the hospital. So I tell Barry and off we go. I was not worried as well come on its May and my due date is the end of August. If we were running in a Nascar race I am sure we would have won with the speed my husband was driving, I tell him to slow down but he keeps driving like we are in a race. We get to the hospital and well I was noticed by a nurse who says oh your ready to deliver. Looking back I can see why she would think this as I looked like I was full term at this time, I was huge, could no longer see my feet and well it was all baby. So we meet with the specialist who checks me and well he says you are 2 centimeters dilated and in labor.. NO NO this is not supposed to be happening I still have almost 3 months to go, but it’s happening so preparations are being made to send me to London hospital. I ended up in Hamilton as they had no room in London for me. So here I am in an ambulance being rushed to Hamilton, scared and on meds to help stop the contractions.

We get to Hamilton were I am assets by the Dr their and more meds administered to stop the labor, Barry and my Mom are there and the meds are making me sick, they have me on total bed rest and tell us the babies are OK they do another ultra sound to make sure and at that point we ask the sexes just in case, both BOYS well Barry is tickled pink about that and we try to keep positive, all we need to do is hold on, I get needles to help mature there lungs and I am determined NOT to have these babies yet, it’s too soon. So I spend a week there and we ask that when a bed opens to be sent to London as its much closer for our families and Barry.

After a week I am sent to St. Joseph’s Hospital in London again by ambulance, we are happy as its closer to home. And of course that night the labor starts again, more meds to stop it, more needles to help mature their lungs. The try to help us prepare by taking us down to the neonatal unit which is very difficult to see all those babies so small and fighting for there lives, I am overcome by emotions and have to leave the unit, Barry and I talk outside the unit and we are both so scared as to what will happen, what the outcome will be.

June 3 1994, my ankles are so swollen that you can’t even tell I have any, I am swollen from the toes up to my knees, they are keeping an eye on that as it’s a sign of toxemia, they are deciding whether to do an emergency C-section or not they decide to wait and tell Barry to go home and get some sleep but keep the phone handy just in case as if they decide he has to get there and FAST, which is impossible as Embro to London is a good 45 minute drive.

That night they tell me I better call my husband as the swelling is going further and my blood pressure is getting very high, I call my sister first as she is in London and I am scared out of my wits as these babies are not supposed to be born till the end of August and we are in the beginning of June. I call Barry and tell him whats going on I am crying so hard and tell him to get there fast, my sister is with me and she calls my Mom and Dad, a lady comes in from the neonatal unit with a book of picture to help me to understand what our boys will look like what to expect, I look at my sister and she knows, she tells the lady that it’s really not a good time and that my husband is not here and right now I can’t even think of all this and she asks the lady to leave. I understand she was trying to “prepare” me but when your that scared, that sick I don’t think anything can prepare you for the outcome of it all. My blood pressure is getting higher, and the swelling is now all over, 15 minutes later my husband walks in, my sister looks at him and he just smiled and said well I had to be here fast didn’t I. They fill him in and get him ready for the emergency C-section, I am really sick, with Pre-eclampsia. (Pre-eclampsia is a medical condition in which hypertension arises in pregnancy (gestational hypertension) in association with significant amounts of protein in the urine . Pre-eclampsia is a set of symptoms rather than any causative factor, and there are many different causes for the condition. It appears likely that there are substances from the placenta that can cause endothelial dysfunction in the maternal blood vessels of susceptible women.[1] While blood pressure elevation is the most visible sign of the disease, it involves generalized damage to the maternal endotheliumkidneys, and liver, with the release of vasoconstrictive factors being secondary to the original damage) and they need to move fast as the babies are in stress now as well. By this time I am so out of it because of how sick I am, my blood pressure is through the roof, the take us down to the operating room and the amount of doctors and nurses in there is overwhelming, a team for each baby and a team for me,. I am not put out an epidural was put into place, they proceed with the surgery, I remember telling Barry I was so tired, one of the doctors lean over and tell him DO NOT let her fall asleep your job is to keep her awake, she can’t go to sleep, that’s when he realized how seriously sick I really was.

At 3:15 am Tyler made his entry into this world, no sound, he was purple, his team took him and rushed him into the other room, right after Travis make his entry, made a little noise and went purple and was rushed away as well, they then came by us with Tyler and he was so little 3lbs 3oz, then Travis 3lbs 4oz and rushed them to the neonatal unit. I remember saying oh how cute and that’s when things went black.

Well that is all for today, tomorrow the story continues 🙂
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