Aghhh Its Monday :P

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend 🙂

We did and now its Monday which feels like Sunday as the kids have a PA Day.. They have been really good and helpful today 🙂 They have helped clean there room, helped me with laundry… did I mention the fact I hate that L work (laundry). Its a never ending thing in our house plus the fact that one of the boys thinks he has to change his cloths multiple times a day, taking everything out of the drawer to find that one shirt BUT leaving all the clean cloths all over the floor aghh.

As you know from recent posts I have 3 special needs kids, but I have not told you much about myself. Well at 35 my body decided to turn old, I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for years which I will tell you SUCKS, but you keep on trucken. So at 35 here is what happened, I ended up in the hospital as my back went on me, I was sent for an MRI to see what was going on. So this is what they found, Spinal stinoses, herniated disks, and osteoarthritis, well thats a blow eh lol.. the pain I was having was caused by my sciatic nerve being pinched, so i was put on medications and life began again, with more pain to add to it all. This is NOT what I needed I need to be healthy to look after my boys, right? Well I get home and still not functioning well at all, the kids were AWESOME, they helped me out of bed, getting me dressed, and with what ever I needed help with, it was a very proud moment for me as they understood that Mom was not doing that great.

Over the weeks that followed I had physio therapy, occupational therapy and a worker who came in to talk to me. I was so upset as this is not how life was to be, I now had these things wrong and I could no longer so things I once was able to do, it was a hard blow and boy was I angry. The physio therapist told me there was not much she could do as I had so much wrong with me that if I do one thing it would aggravate the other, great. They ordered me a bed rail, raised tolet seat and a bath chair, and I have a walker for when things are REALLY bad. The day all these things arrived was the day it all sunk in. After they set everything up, I got a sitter, drove to my Husbands work and as soon as he seen me he knew there was something wrong, I got into the truck with him took one look at him and broke down, I poured out all my feeling and frustrations and he listened, after I was all done, he hugged me and said Hun don’t worry, we will get threw it together, one day at a time. He is awesome and my rock.

So life when on one day at a time and so what I cant do the things I have done in the past, I do what I can and don’t sweat the small stuff. My kids are amazing and they know when Mom is having a bad day, they can see it as they say in my eyes, and these boys amaze me with the help and support they give. I have never been one to take credit with all the work I have done with the boys over the years, I am to humble to say anything as someone once told me, but I am going to say I know that with all the work I have done these boys have turned out very amazing. I would love to be able to remember the Doctor (Fibro fog sucks) to show him how my boy’s life has turned out as I was told they would never be able to walk or talk, will put that in your pipe and smoke it…LOL.. they are.

So today we are enjoying the PA Day, its a crappy day out there raining, so we have been playing games and talking, I love sitting and talking with them, they have an amazing out look on life, so innocent and positive.

I do get worn down with them, mentally as they all crave my attention, and of course all at once, lol, and they are BUSY. My hubby has always said the weekends are Mom’s time to sleep in, as he knows the mental draining I have, so I do and take advantage of it LOL.. I don’t think people understand the dynamics in a home with kids who have special needs, its draining sometimes physically and mentally. like I have always said, walk a mile in my shoes and then you will understand, till then don’t judge the way we live. Sometimes people can be so rude when they say things, but you know what I have learned over the years, this is our life, and we will do what is necessary to survive it, we live one day at a time and some days its one minute at a time, but we survive 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying there day, have a good one 🙂 <3
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